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When you find yourself calling for a repair for the third time, you might be wondering if you just have bad luck. How can it be that another piece of siding has warped or cracked? Can it really be that the constant rusting is only due to the climate? If you’re asking yourself these questions, the most likely answer is that your last contractor did a bad job and now you’re suffering the consequences. 

In this series of articles, we will help you discover if your problems are coincidental or caused by poor workmanship. First, let’s talk about the signs of a poor siding installation job.

Caulking Your Problems Away

There’s a correct way and an easy way to do every job. Unfortunately, the easy way can make things more difficult down the road. Some siding contractors, out of inexperience or laziness, choose to use caulk or sealant where they should use flashing. In fact, many home inspectors check for inappropriate use of caulk as a routine part of their job.

Exterior use of caulk or sealant should be very rare, as it is only appropriate in specific instances such as window and door frames. If you see caulk or sealant anywhere else, it means that the contractor used it to cover up mistakes. Without proper flashing, you could experience leaks, rot, mold, mildew, and more. Left unattended, your home could suffer serious damage such as lessened structural integrity.

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Take A Step Back – Is It Crooked?

At first, it might not be completely obvious that the contractor installed your siding crooked. In minor cases, you might go a lifetime without noticing. In the worst cases, though, it can be very obvious that the contractor skipped using a level on the job. Thankfully, this issue is probably an aesthetic one, but it still means the contractor carelessly took the paycheck and never looked back.

A professional experienced siding installation contractor will use the proper tools and techniques to install the siding correctly, meaning it will be both functionally and aesthetically sound.

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High Utility Bills

It’s easy to blame higher utility bills on the weather or excessive use of electronics, but your previous contractor might be to blame. Siding is an important part of your home’s insulation and protection, so improper installation can mean serious energy loss and damage to other parts of the structure. Without robust siding, your home could have extreme solar heat gain or heat loss, sending your energy bills skyrocketing. On the flip side, a siding upgrade can help lower energy bills and make your home more comfortable throughout the year.

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Rusty Siding and Nails

While rust is a common thing to see, it should never be ignored. Rusting anywhere means water exposure to water-intolerant materials. Rust marks and nails on your siding mean that your previous contractor used the wrong type of nails – siding should be installed with stainless steel nails that last in all kinds of weather conditions. With the wrong type of nails, your siding won’t last long, and water can cross the barrier to start doing damage underneath.

Ask For A Professional Inspection

The above signs of a poor siding job aren’t the only ways to tell if you should fire your siding contractor. If you’re experiencing issues with your indoor climate or are noticing premature signs of wear and tear, it’s time to ask a professional for an inspection. At Advance Inc., we have decades of experience in exterior home upgrades, so we can diagnose issues with a quick glance and immediately start you on a path to fixing them. 

Contact Advance Inc. today for an in-home consultation and free quote for your siding upgrade.

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