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Homeowners often forget about their windows until a beautiful day when they want fresh air or during a summer power outage when ventilation is a must. For all the time in between, windows stay shut and even hide behind blinds and curtains. It’s not until something goes wrong that we wonder, “Why are my windows suddenly failing me?”

Most of the time, the failure isn’t sudden – we just don’t notice it until it’s too late. Rather, your previous contractor didn’t do their due diligence when they installed your windows. Let’s discuss how you can tell if your previous contractor did a bad job so that you can avoid another poor installation.

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1. Overcompensating With Caulk

One way you can tell if your contractor was trying to hide a bad job is by assessing the caulking around your windows, both on the exterior and interior sides. If there are huge gaps around a window during installation, some contractors might try to cover up the problem with the caulk instead of fixing it. To close the gap, they might use more caulk than they should.

Caulk should only be used to fill gaps that are no more than ¼ inch wide. Caulk should also never go deeper than ½ inch. When there is too much caulk used to seal a window, it can collapse in on itself and require repair. 

2. Panes Are Fogging Up

Window panes should not regularly collect fog and condensation on the inside. If you are consistently seeing fog inside your window panes, it means that their seal has broken, and they are no longer properly insulating your home. The fog is due to moisture breaking through the seal and infiltrating the air between the panes.

As with all window issues, problems can appear due to old age or extensive wear, so consider the age of your windows before you blame your contractor. Excessive exposure to heat and moisture can also damage the seal. If they have been installed recently, though, the contractor might have damaged the seal upon installation. Consider calling a window expert for an evaluation of the issue. 

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3. You’re Struggling to Open and Close Them

Windows that aren’t aligned properly when installed can be difficult to use. Their functionality is often affected when the opening created for the window isn’t properly measured and leveled. Faulty mechanisms can also make it impossible to use your window the way it was intended. Make sure to quickly schedule an appointment with a window installation professional, as this type of improper installation can only lead to worsening issues the longer it is left unattended.

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