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You don’t always need a special occasion to get the itch for change. If you’re wondering what you can do on a small scale to make a massive difference in your home, the answer is to add another exterior door. Adding another entryway to your home might seem outlandish, but you won’t regret the results. This easy project can open up new opportunities to enjoy your living space, inside and out.

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A New Door Can Create A New Purpose

It’s common for homeowners to be unaware that they are underutilizing much of their home’s square footage and land. Many times it’s not the homeowner’s fault – it can be due to the house’s layout. The way the structure is planned, such as the placement of windows, doors, and walls, might create pockets of space that are difficult to furnish and use.

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Redirecting Traffic

Placing a new door can help direct certain types of foot traffic to your benefit. For example, you could add a side entrance to your home so that it is more convenient to enter from your driveway or side walkway. This side entrance could also encourage people to enter through a mudroom or by a drop station instead of tracking in dirt or dropping off coats and shoes in your main entryway. As a result, you could furnish your main entryway instead of using space for a messy shoe rack.

Creating New Escapes

Placing new exterior doors can turn your home into an escape full of surprising new living areas. A new exterior door in the back of your home can become a dedicated entrance for a walkway to your pool. This dedicated space can separate the mess of chlorine water and foot traffic from your outdoor dining space or garden. In addition, you can lead people to their changing room from the pool by placing the door near a guest bathroom or bedroom.

Further, a new exterior door can lead to a new deck or patio. You can dedicate this new area to your master suite, creating a resort-like escape that flows from the inside to the outside. Or you can open up your kitchen by adding a new sliding glass door or french doors leading to an outdoor kitchen or dining area. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination. 

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Utilize Every Square Inch With Advance Inc.

Whether you have a vision for your future living space or need more guidance, the team of experts at Advance Inc. has wisdom from years of experience to offer you. Our professionals can help you make the most of your space by recommending windows, doors, and more to bring your home to the next level.

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