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Upgrading your windows will make your home gorgeous inside and out. When you’re considering a window upgrade, though, size is an important factor. It might be your gut instinct to get the biggest windows possible for that grand entrance or to have a full wall of windows to improve your backyard view, but should you?

There are many considerations that go into the potential for your home’s windows. Let’s talk about how you can find the best window sizes for your project.

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What Sizes Do Windows Come In?

Size and style will depend on the brand of windows you choose to buy. Each manufacturer has their own limitations for the maximum size of windows, so you’ll need to review their spec sheets. It’s best to speak with your window contractor to discuss the potential avenues for your window upgrade as well.

Of course, you can custom order any size you want within reason, but manufacturers make windows in certain standard sizes. If you’re looking for the biggest possible windows, many manufacturers have options for picture windows that come in over 100 inches wide and tall. For double-hung windows, standard sizes include 24”, 28”, 32”, 40”, 44”, 48” across and 36”, 44”, 48”, 52”, 54”, 60” 62” and 72” high. Sliding window manufactures can sometimes offer windows as large as 60” x 84”.

Remember that the larger the window, the more it will cost. Custom-sized windows will also come with a premium in comparison to standard size windows ordered from the manufacturer’s inventory.

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Location Matters for Size

Popular architecture styles, especially modern styles, depend on the size and placement of windows. A well-placed window can make the difference between a typical home and one that shines as the best on the block. On the other hand, the types of windows you’ll want on the front of your home will differ from the types you’ll consider for rooms facing the sides and back of your house.

It’s important to remember that windows are heavy and require the proper space and support in your structure. While you might think you have the space for such a large window, your home might not be able to support it in its current condition. For example, you might want your entire back wall to be made of glass, but special care and planning is required to ensure your home has the proper supports and framing.

The Pros and Cons of Window Sizes

In addition to your structure’s limitations, you’ll want to think about what types of windows you’ll need for the space. Picture windows come in much larger sizes and offer an uninhibited view, but they do not open for ventilation. You may need to settle for smaller options like double hung windows in order to get the required air flow in the room.

Having large picture windows on a side of the home that receives large amounts of sunlight will pose issues such as contributing to solar heat gain. Other things to consider include more demanding maintenance, lack of privacy, and UV damage to your interior.

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Order the Perfect Windows With Advance Inc.

If you’re interested in learning more about window sizes, custom ordering, and proper locations for types of windows, Advance Inc. has decades of experience helping homeowners with window upgrades. Contact us to get started on a window upgrade discussion and get your free quote.

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