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Is your siding looking dingy, outdated, or worn? If you are thinking about updating the siding on your home, you may be wondering about all the choices available. A siding upgrade demands homeowners to think hard about their budget, desire for home design, and willingness to put in effort for maintenance.

Composite siding is a relative newcomer in the way of building materials, and it has many great qualities that could make it the perfect choice for your siding replacement project. Let’s dive into composite siding and which properties could make it a great alternative to other siding choices.

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What is Composite Siding?

Composite siding is one of the alternatives to traditional wood siding that is engineered to closely resemble real wood siding. The manufacturing process binds together wood fibers in a matrix of resin, which is then bound together under heat and pressure to create a board-like material. Manufacturers can fashion these boards into all types of siding and trim. During the manufacturing process, composite siding is usually treated with a coating to increase resistance to mold and moisture.

Composite siding isn’t the only name for this material –  it can also be called engineered wood siding, manufactured wood siding, or synthetic wood siding, so keep that in mind while doing your research.

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What are the Benefits of Composite Siding?

Since composite siding is an easily manipulated material, you can choose many different textures and styles. There are a vast array of choices for your home exterior, so you won’t be giving up style for all the other functional benefits. For example, composite siding comes in finishes that are smooth, sleek, and modern, or you can choose a highly textured look of cedar shakes.

If the variety of styles isn’t enough of a benefit, this siding choice is also a very affordable option for people who like the look of real wood but don’t want the expense.

Other advantages to composite siding include:

  • Low maintenance: Composite siding does not need regular staining or painting and can be easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Takes paint well: If you decide to update the look of your home down the road, composite siding can be painted easily
  • High durability: Composite siding is more durable than vinyl and resists rot, fungus, warping, pests, and weather since it does not expand and contract like other materials
  • Long lifespan: With an expected 20-30 year lifespan, composite siding comes with long warranties
  • Great aesthetics: The real wood look and sturdy feel of composite siding really boosts your home’s curb appeal, and the color won’t chip or peel away
  • Higher energy efficiency: Due to the thickness of composite siding, it has a much better insulating capacity for your home than vinyl siding and can reduce noise infiltration

All of these benefits are making composite siding one of the most sought-after siding options in the industry. A home upgrade like new siding also carries a very good return on your investment when you choose to sell your home.

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Here at Advance Inc. we offer a full spectrum of composite siding options for your home. We’ve worked with many homeowners to choose the right look and feel of composite siding to suit their home’s personality and architectural style. It’s time for you to reap all the rewards of a smart siding upgrade.

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