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A beautiful entryway door adds curb appeal and style to your home, but did you know it could be a weak link in your home’s security? Statistics from 2021 show that 34% of burglars entered a home through its front door, and 22% used the back door.

With over half of all burglaries occurring via entryway doors, knowing how to boost security in these areas is a top priority. In this article, we will go over some ways to increase your home’s security so that you can feel safe and comfortable knowing you and your belongings are well protected.

1. Install Strike Box Security Locks

The simplest first step to take is installing a secure deadbolt locking system. The average latching system that is part of the doorknob is easily overcome with blunt force such as kicking. A deadbolt system is a separate locking mechanism that secures with a bolt and plate system.

A good way to upgrade the basic deadbolt lock is to get a strike box instead of a strike plate. A typical strike plate attaches to the jamb and receives the bolt from the lock. A strike box has an added metal box embedded in the door jamb which reduces a person’s ability to kick open your door.

When installing new doors, make sure to request a secure deadbolt system for all your exterior doors.

2. Check the Integrity of Your Entryway Doors Regularly

The older and more worn your doors, the less likely they are to stand up to force. Ensuring you keep a routine of checking your doors (and your windows, too, while you’re at it) will ensure that they are in tip-top shape in case of an attempted break-in.

Older doors can have worn-down mechanisms that keep your knobs and locks from working properly. They might stick or not latch correctly, making them more likely to give way if a burglar attempts to enter by force. The doors themselves might also become weak from years of weather exposure and use, so make sure you are always checking for rust, rot, insects, and other kinds of damage.

If you are noticing signs of wear on your doors and windows, make sure to call a professional to assess the damage and offer a quote for an upgrade.

3. Don’t Let Daylight Give You a False Sense of Security

It’s hard to believe, but the majority of burglaries happen during daylight hours. Locking your doors when you run out for a quick errand or even when you are home will help reduce the likelihood of someone entering and robbing you. With the average break-in lasting just under 10 minutes, it doesn’t take long to lose some valuable possessions.

4. Be Wary of All Visitors

Some burglars will knock on the door first to see if anyone is home. In some cases, they will take this opportunity to make judgments about the homeowners and the state of the home inside. Even if you meet them at the door, they might decide your house is worth revisiting later when it’s empty. Whenever someone unexpectedly arrives, check their ID and take note of their appearance and how they arrived for future reference.

Advance Inc. Certified Craftspeople and In-Home Consultants will always carry ID when they come to your home to help you plan and install your upgrades. Visits from our staff will always be scheduled in advance and confirmed with you as well.

5. No More Using Fake Rocks for Spare Keys

The experienced thief knows all the common places to look for your spare key, so don’t think you can outsmart them that way. A better option is to leave a copy of your key with a trusted friend or neighbor nearby.

Make sure that a few people have a copy of the key in case someone is not at home at the time that you need it. Also, consider carrying a spare in your wallet or purse.

If you choose to invest in a modern home security system linked to the web or your smartphone, you may even be able to unlock your home remotely if needed.

Install Secure Entry Doors With Advance Inc.

If you are considering new entryway doors for your home, we are ready to assist you. Advance Inc. can help you to create a welcoming entryway that maximizes safety and protection for your home and family. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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