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Entry Door

Many of our clients come to us excited about the prospect of a beautiful new entry door, but this remodel can be vexing in its own ways. Homeowners frequently have lived with their old entry door for so long that it’s difficult to envision what style will bring a fresh look while still blending with a home’s current architecture and aesthetic. Today, we invite you to explore some of the current trends in entry door design to get a better sense of the options that might be right for your home.

Entry Door Trends: Defining Styles

While you may have your heart set on a Pinterest-perfect entry door find, take a moment to step back and familiarize yourself with the basic styles that are available, and consider if your ideals match up with your home’s design. The DIY Network offers a helpful overview of styles and their defining characteristics, including traditional, modern, rustic, craftsman, and arched styles. In general, avoid mixing styles that are drastically different; a modern, minimalist entry door style, for example, would look odd and out of place with a home built in the 1800s. Use your knowledge of your own style preferences and your home’s architecture to guide your selection.

Entry Door Trends: Playing With Color

If you are tempted to make a statement with your entry door by choosing an unusual or bold color, you are not alone. This is one of the biggest trends in entry door design right now, and for good reason. As Jeff Stafford, writing for HGTV, notes, there are three conditions to which you should adhere when puzzling over entry door color options: “It should make a strong statement. It should reflect your personality. It should blend into the overall exterior color.”

And just as you should consider both your home’s exterior appearance and architecture, you should also consider your geography when making decisions about entry door color. Stafford’s expert, interior design Jennifer Ott, explains: “In the Southwest… bright colors are prevalent due to the influence and close proximity of Mexico, where home exteriors are often painted in vibrant hues. Yet in a cool climate like Seattle, ‘you tend to see deeper, darker-colored homes.’ This not only reflects the architectural style of the community but also the colors of the Seattle landscape such as the ‘deep emerald greens of the trees, and dark watery blues of the Pacific Ocean.’” So, bear in mind both your locale’s climate and the natural beauty that surrounds it before settling on favorite hues for your entry door.

Entry Door Trends: Mixing Materials

Many of the current trends in entry door design embrace the use of less common materials, such as glass and metal, to give entry doors a distinctive look. One popular option: wood entry doors that feature several glass panels, either frosted or clear. Cynthia Bowman, writing for, notes that this modern look invites sunshine in while still preserving privacy, and includes some beautiful images to help you envision this option:

Entry Doors

Bowman offers inspirational ideas for mixing wood and metal, too, explaining that “Wood and steel can work with nearly any home style, ranging from rustic to country to modern to craftsman to contemporary”

Entry Door Trends: The Pivot Door

Another new trend in entry door design is the pivot door. Instead of opening and closing normally, pivot doors offer a modern take on form and function. As Bud Dietrich, writing for Houzz, explains, “The pivot door is a dramatic alternative to common exterior doors that swing or slide open. They can be larger and made out of metal, stone, and other materials heavier than typical swing doors, because they are held up from below in lieu of being hinged at the side.” Many are drawn to pivot doors because of the sweeping view of both the outdoors and the interior that they provide. Some just like their unique operation. While they are a very stylish option for modern homes, they do present a bit of an energy efficiency challenge, making them better suited to mild climates and homes with entryways that are shielded from the elements.

Which trends in entry door design will you embrace? If you’d like to talk about your options, contact us!

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