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According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, adding a deck to your outdoor space not only increases the value of your home but also allows the owners to enjoy their home more while they continue to live there. With families spending more time at home, and homeowners looking to expand their home’s recreational space, a deck is a perfect solution.

Decks can especially improve your backyard if you will have a pool this summer, as they can create a safe, comfortable, and fun area to relax by the water, soak in the sun, and entertain guests. In this article, we will go over some ideas for great poolside decking as well as the best materials to use for easy maintenance, comfort, and style.

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Upgrade Your Pool Area, No Matter the Style

When installing pool decking, think about ways in which you and your guests would love to utilize the space. If your pool is above ground, decking can create the illusion of an inground pool by raising the ground so that it is level with the water. If you have an in-ground pool, decks allow you to create an elevated space that overlooks your entire backyard while keeping you and your valuables dry.

Deck Ideas for Above Ground Pools

A deck extending from the back of the house to the above-ground pool can offer a transitional space that allows you to easily come from the house to pool – no stairs or ladders! Within this space, you can also add built-in seating and different levels to designate areas for eating, grilling, lounging, or gardening. These different levels of your deck offer a much smoother transition from the height of your entryways and pools to the height of your backyard, and they upgrade your entertainment opportunities.

Beyond style, a raised deck creates opportunities for functionality. With these raised deck areas, you can create storage spaces for stashing pool toys, maintenance equipment, or deck furniture in the off-season. Having a deck surrounding your above-ground pool also improves safety, as it provides more space to enter, exit, and walk around the pool.

Deck Ideas for In-Ground Pools

For pools built in the ground, it’s popular to build the deck with levels rising up from the edges of the pool. With these levels, you can create a variety of settings for lounging and entertaining. The addition of a pergola or partially roofed area creates an opportunity to escape the sun while staying close to the action.

Think of your deck as an extension of your home as your plan its functionality. Does your backyard entryway come from your living room? Create a feeling of bringing the living room to the poolside by extending the lounging space to the outdoors. Does your entryway come from the kitchen? Use your deck as an extension with an outdoor kitchen and grill.

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The Best Decking Materials for Pools

If you are planning to build a deck around your pool, the best material to use is composite decking. Composite decking is made from wood fiber and plastic, and it comes in a wide variety of colors. It resists scratching, warping, and never needs to be painted or stained, making it a safe and low-maintenance choice for families who get a lot of use out of their decks. Created to mimic wood, composite decking even comes without the danger of splinters and rot, so parents can feel safe allowing their children to play.

If you aren’t a fan of burning your feet getting in and out of the pool, you can invest in composite decking with stay-cool technology. This advanced form of composite decking helps keep your deck surface from getting overly hot, even when exposed to direct sunlight. No more hot-footing it across the deck on the way to the pool or worrying about your pet’s paws.

Advance Inc. Is Your Expert Decking Source

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