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Roof House

Your roof takes a beating every winter. Snow build-up brings weight and moisture to your roof that exacerbates pre-existing issues and causes new problems. This hardworking part of your home can deteriorate quickly, so vigilance is key to catching problems before they become expensive emergencies.

Spring is a great time to pick up all the projects that the cold and snow prohibited in recent months. Invest in your roof’s long life with these ideas for spring maintenance projects.

Look Closely for Signs of Damage

Examine your roof to take stock of any visible damage. Problems may be visible from the interior of your home or from a good vantage point. If climbing onto your roof to inspect for damage, please take caution, and leave it to a professional if you are uncomfortable or don’t have a suitable ladder.

Find out how old your roof is and what materials it is comprised of. Different materials have different lifespans, so determining the age of the roofing material can be extremely helpful as you contemplate if your roof needs repairs or to be replaced completely.

You can find more information about determining the state of your roof in this blog post.

Working With What You’ve Got

After you have determined the necessary repairs, if there are any, you can move on to improvement projects. Unless a complete replacement is necessary, these upgrades will enhance the functionality of roofs in all conditions.

A crucial feature of your roof is the ability to efficiently ventilate. Hot air rises through your home and gets trapped by your roof, leading to increased cooling costs during warmer months. Keeping your attic as naturally cool as possible with proper ventilation can make your entire home more habitable at less cost.

Resealing your roof is a great way to prolong its good condition or repair insulation issues before they result in structural damage. Mild weather is the best time for this project because any crack or opening will allow humidity to creep in during the summer, and allow your costly air conditioning to escape. Resealing your roof repairs winter damage and prepares it for warmer weather.

Additions To Maximize Performance

Homeowners seeking to get the most out of their spring maintenance projects should consider investing in some additions that will boost the efficiency of their roof. These modern add-ons are investments that save time and money in return.

Cleaning out your gutters is a necessary, tedious, dangerous task. Clogged gutters can go from being a nuisance to a crisis if left unattended. Adding covers or screens to your gutters can reduce the cleanout from 4-6 times a year to 1.

To maximize the efficiency of your roof, consider installing a cool roof. Cool roofs are designed to reflect more light and absorb less heat than traditional materials. There are plenty of options to convert to a cool roof, whether you want to keep the roof you have or replace it.

Your roof is easy to neglect before problems become obvious from the inside, which is why we recommend regular examination and maintenance. Adding spring maintenance to your spring cleaning will ensure your home is structurally sound as well as neat and tidy.

For one-on-one expert advice on spring maintenance for your roof, contact us at any time. We’d love to hear from you so we can discuss your ideas and concerns.

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