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Installing siding on your home is no joke – siding is essential to the protection and energy efficiency of your structure and makes the difference between a comfortable, safe home and an exposed, unstable home for your family. It naturally follows that you’ll want to ensure the siding company you hire is experienced, reliable, and trustworthy.

Picking the right siding contractors in your area goes beyond typing in “siding contractors near me.” It means knowing what your siding contractors should know and asking the right questions during your consultation. Here’s a brief guide to questions you should ask your potential siding contractor.

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When working with any business, you’ll want to be sure that all the proper permits, licenses, and insurance requirements are in place and that all related policies and laws are followed. A reputable business should have no issue or trouble showing you all the paperwork, including how they are insured. These parameters will change, however, according to the state in which you live.

Further, you should be able to easily ask for or find reviews and testimonials from past customers who have had similar jobs completed successfully by the company. Interpret any hesitation or vague answers as a red flag!

Do You Have Any Specialty Experience and Certifications?

Once you know that the business has all the legal and ethical bases covered, you can get more specific. Depending on the type of job, you might want to know if the siding contractor has special experience or certifications regarding the specific type of siding or technique required. It’s helpful to ask them about your project to see if they can offer informed and reasonable advice.

Ask the business about their years of experience and for anecdotes about past similar jobs. You’ll want to hire a business that expresses confidence in its ability to follow through on the exact job you’re looking for within a reasonable timeline and with impeccable results. This shouldn’t be their first attempt at installing the kind of siding you want. 

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What Are Your Procedures for Consultation, Quotes, and Payment?

Not all legal businesses, or even experienced businesses, are run in a customer-friendly way. There are some standards that most siding installation businesses follow in the industry, especially when it comes to how they handle consultations, quotes, and payment schedules, so you’ll want to ask about their procedure.

For example, it’s typical for a siding installation business to offer free consultations. You’ll also want to receive a quote at first, then an itemized breakdown of the final cost that explains exactly how the business decided on the price. You should also never pay for siding installation jobs entirely upfront. It is typical for the customer to put down a deposit, even up to 50%, but you’ll want to see the finished job before you hand over the rest of the money.

Who Is Responsible for Clean-Up?

Unfortunately, not all siding installation experts are clean, organized people. Many customers have been left with huge messes in their yards. Landscaping might be destroyed and elements of your house might end up damaged. Not many clients think about the clean-up, but you’ll want to get ahead of the problem by asking about the business’s clean-up policy.

Will there be a final check over the project before it is approved and paid for? Will a crew ensure all metal tools, nails, staples, and other dangerous construction debris is picked up? Are there procedures in place for protecting landscaping and other structures from any damage?

Trust in Advance Inc. for Your Siding Installation

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