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Is your outdoor space missing that extra something-something that would transform it from an ordinary yard into a slice of French or Tuscan wine country? Pergolas are one of the best ways to upgrade your deck and outdoor space – they add shade, privacy, and a sense of distinction for the space. They have a stylish look that feels classically European, and you can invest in one today to increase the value of your home.

Here’s a brief guide to everything you need to know about pergolas before you choose one for your backyard.

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Picking a Pergola Material

Pergolas come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Picking the material for your pergola comes with considerations such as how it will withstand your climate and your commitment to maintenance. You’ll also want to think about the aesthetics of your home exterior and outdoor space, because which material you choose will affect how you can decorate it.

Wood Pergolas

If you were intrigued by the idea of turning your backyard into a rustic wine country escape, wood pergolas are certainly the answer. The look of the wood structure in your outdoor space will bring that natural, classic look you’re dying for. You can even cultivate creeping vines and flowers in a way that beautifies the structure even more.

Of all the options, wood pergolas tend to be the cheapest. You can choose which type of wood you like and have it stained or painted. If you have a pressure-treated and painted wood pergola, it will require the most maintenance. Wood is more susceptible to rot, weather and pest damage, and paint can chip and wear. More expensive woods such as cedar and redwood can be worth the price as they are more durable.

To lengthen the lifespan of your wood pergola, you’ll want to clean it regularly as well as repaint, restain, and reseal every 2-4 years.

Vinyl Pergolas

If you’re looking for less maintenance and a more classic, clean look, vinyl pergolas are the right choice for you. Many homeowners choose to add a minimalistic white pergola by the poolside to give their outdoor space a spa and resort-like feel. In addition, this material is a safe material to use around water and in more extreme climates, as vinyl can easily last a lifetime if maintained properly. For example, you’ll want to powerwash every 1-3 years to remove grime and growths from the exterior.

On the other hand, vinyl pergolas tend to come in white and off-white. If you’re looking for more color or a more eccentric style, you might want to look elsewhere.

How to Take a Pergola to the Next Level

Adding a pergola to your outdoor space will already add major value to your home. If you want to get even more creative, there are many accessories you can add to decorate your pergola and the surrounding area.

Pergolas look even more beautiful and become more functional when you add things like drapes, curtains, and retractable shades. You can also add planters for a more natural look or increased privacy, or choose to add privacy walls. Finally, consider adding an outdoor lighting system so that you can enjoy the space after the sun sets.

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Upgrade the Outdoors with Advance Inc.

Advance Inc. offers a wide range of exterior home upgrades including decks, patio doors, and accessory structures like pergolas. Choose your materials and style and begin building your dream outdoor space for you and your family.

Contact one of our experts today for in-home consultation and advice on picking the perfect pergola.

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