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When investing in a roofing renovation, many of our clients wish to update their home’s look with unique designer shingles, sometimes referred to as architectural shingles. In addition to the aesthetic upgrade, designer shingles offer greater resistance to the elements, including wind, sun, and algae, and have a longer lifespan than traditional roofing options.

Today, we’d like to offer our top picks in designer shingle trends, all of which are sure to elevate your home’s style, adding dimension and architectural interest.

Designer Shingle Trend #1: Slate

Our first pick is slate, and for good reason. This trend in designer shingles isn’t going anywhere, thanks to the beautiful look, texture, and tone of natural slate on your rooftop. These designer shingles create stunning curb appeal while maintaining a natural, clean look.

Not only will slate shingles enhance the appearance of your home, but they also boast high-performance qualities, especially wind and algae resistance. They are also extremely fire-resistant. Most slate manufacturers carry a wide range of color palettes, offering character and depth to match any home.

Designer Shingle Trend #2: Cedar Shake and Composite Shake

One of the most sought-after looks in roofing is cedar shake. This natural material lends its own special beauty to a home, and as the folks over at Angie’s List explain, “If it’s installed well, a cedar shake roof should last 60 years or more with little need for repair.”

Although beautiful to look at, cedar shake roofing is expensive and can cause major issues if it is not installed correctly. Repairs can also be costly. But it is possible for homeowners to achieve this beautiful look for less. Many companies carry a luxury composite shingle that mimics the look of cedar shake while still providing the highest level of protection for your home.

Designer Shingle Trend #3: Scalloped Shingles

One of the most unique shingles that our clients are drawn to is the scallop-shaped shingle. A perfect solution for steeply-pitched roofing, scalloped shingles such as our favorite Carriage House design by CertainTeed, are extremely durable, offering premium performance and protection for your home. This shingle style is perfect for those seeking a more traditional style with a bit of whimsy. It is particularly well-suited to older homes, upon which more modern shingles can appear out-of-place.

Will Designer Shingles Break the Bank?

While designer shingles will definitely be more costly than traditional asphalt roofing, there is no doubt that homeowners will reap the benefits of this investment. As Joe Perritt, writing for Angie’s List, explains, “Although architectural roofing shingles are generally more expensive than traditional three-tab asphalt shingles, they’re very cost-efficient if you consider the high amount of protection they provide. Price varies by the manufacturer, but you can expect to pay anywhere from 20 to 50 percent more for architectural shingles compared to three-tab shingles.”

If you are interested in designer shingles for your home and would like more guidance, contact us. We are here to help.

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