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Homeowners are not strangers to the vital role a roof plays in their home’s construction and indoor climate. A reliable roof keeps you and your home safe, comfortable, and free of water, pest, and mold intrusion. When it comes to the more aesthetic qualities of a roof such as shingle type and color, the decisions you make feel less important. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, though, if color and style really make a difference? Could it be better to have a darker or lighter roof?

The answer might surprise you. In the interest of helping you make the best decision for your next roof replacement or upgrade project, let’s tackle some common roof color myths.

Can a Darker Roof Help Melt Ice and Snow?

When you live in a northern climate, you’re always looking for new solutions to deal with the snow and ice that inevitably appear every winter. Intuitively, one might think that a darker roof color would absorb heat, melting snow and ice more easily than a light color roof. Choosing a darker roof shingle during your upcoming roofing project might sound like a great solution, but does it really work? 

Scientifically, darker colors absorb more heat, so a darker roof would technically heat up faster and retain heat better than a lighter roof. The difference in temperature, however, is not significant enough to make a big difference in snow melt, especially since northern winter days have less sunlight. There are many other factors that contribute to whether your roof is handling snow and ice effectively, such as material, age, and damage. If you’re experiencing issues like ice dams, it’s important you call a professional right away for a roof inspection.

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Will a Certain Color Roof Lower My Energy Bills?

Anyone with a black car in a hot climate will tell you that it takes forever to cool down their interior before they start driving. With this in mind, many homeowners wonder if having a lighter color roof will help reflect sunlight and deflect heat absorption, making it easier to keep their homes cool in the summer. 

Just as we believe that a lighter roof could help deflect some heat absorption, we also emphasize that the color of your roof is not the only factor in energy efficiency. While a lighter roof could help with summer heat, it wouldn’t help with winter chills, so the difference will be minimal. If you’re looking to lower your energy bills, you should consider insulated vinyl siding, energy-efficient windows, and a roof inspection to pinpoint any damage.

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Choose the Right Roof Color with Advance Inc.

Roofing renovations always come with many questions. Which style will look best with my architecture? Which color shingle should I choose? Advance Inc. uses its team’s decades of experience in roofing to guide you through each decision, from aesthetic choices to safety precautions. No matter your concerns, the professionals at Advance Inc. can help you choose the right roof for your home.
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