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Water Pooling on Your Roof: What It Means, and What to Do

When you have a flat roof, you’re probably going to see puddles and pools of water on your roof from rain or melting snow. Any homeowner might find themselves alarmed by the possibility of water damage and leaks. Water damage is one of the major hazards of home...

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Blog trouble shooting a leaky roof

Troubleshooting A Leaky Roof

Summer storms have been merciless all along the Eastern Seaboard this year, especially in Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. Fierce, tornado-like winds and torrential downpours can tax many exterior fixtures of a home, but none so much as your roof. A leaking roof...

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Blog summer entry door upgrades

Upgrading Your Exterior Entryway

Warm summer months keep homeowners on their toes, from beautifying landscaping to performing ongoing lawn and pool maintenance. But many overlook an exterior feature that can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal: the exterior entryway. There are many ways to...

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Blog patio doors

Summer Patio Door Replacement

Summer season is in full swing, but between all of the pool parties and dining alfresco, have you stopped to take stock of the state of your patio door? These workhorses tend to be the most neglected entry door in any home; many homeowners live with sliding doors that...

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Blog slate

Designer Shingles for Your Roof: 2019 Trends

When investing in a roofing renovation, many of our clients wish to update their home’s look with unique designer shingles, sometimes referred to as architectural shingles. In addition to the aesthetic upgrade, designer shingles offer greater resistance to the...

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Blog Advance Inc Window Installation

Energy-Smart Summer: Window Replacement Season!

Our series on home remodeling projects that can boost your home’s energy efficiency is in full swing, and this week we’d like to talk about why replacing windows in the summer is a great idea. Why Windows? Believe it or not, old windows are among the major energy...

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Blog attic insulation

Energy-Smart Summer: Invest in Attic Insulation

This summer, we will be offering some of our best energy-saving tips to help you save money and enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. We’ll get started on this series of posts by taking it from the top--literally--with advice for replacing your home’s...

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Blog spring window maintenancce

Spring Maintenance: Getting Windows Summer-Ready

In addition to being important design elements, your windows must be functioning well to keep your home secure, insulated, and safe. Examining each of your windows and their many components is an important homeowner ritual to catch problems before they become...

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Blog Saving Money Decrease Energy Consumption

Going Green: Energy Efficient Exterior Doors

Prioritizing energy efficiency is at the top of homeowners minds these days. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is essential, not only for your enjoyment but also to preserve your home’s structural integrity. But energy efficiency is more than just...

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Blog house eaves improve your roof this spring

Spring Maintenance: Mild Weather Projects to Improve your Roof

Your roof takes a beating every winter. Snow build-up brings weight and moisture to your roof that exacerbates pre-existing issues and causes new problems. This hardworking part of your home can deteriorate quickly, so vigilance is key to catching problems before they...

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Blog spring entry door sprucing up

Spring Maintenance: Fresh Ideas to Upgrade Your Entry Doors

The front of your home makes the first impression. It sets the tone for what visitors, or prospective buyers, can expect when they come through your front door. Being that the front door is the focal point of the exterior of your home, small improvements have a...

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Blog roofing diagram

Form vs. Function: A Guide to Roof Replacement

Maintaining the integrity of your roof is one of the most important tasks in protecting your home, but if a complete replacement is necessary, don’t worry! With proper research and confident decision making, you will find a cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and...

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