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Want to relax under the dusk sky or have the whole family over for a barbeque? With summer coming into full swing, it’s time to impress your friends and family with a modernized backyard space. The best way to make the most of this weather is a beautiful deck, but not everyone is ready for prime time. 

If you already have a deck, but it’s aged and worn or feels out of style, here are some trending design choices and quick fixes that make your outdoor space look like new.

  1. Open Up To The Outdoors

Want to feel like you have a much bigger outdoor space? Tear down those banisters and railings to create a more inviting atmosphere and line the perimeter of your deck instead with bench seating. While guardrails and fences make your deck space feel more restrictive and closed in, replacing these outdated barriers with additional seating can change your backdoor space from cramped to cozy. 

If you’re not loving the idea of additional seating or removing your railings, you could try a different approach. Incorporating natural materials into the deck, like wood or stone, can make your deck feel much more like it is part of the outdoors. You might even consider extending this utilization of natural materials throughout the rest of your exterior. 

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  1. Lighting Up Your Path 

Updating your lighting can transform your outdoor space into an inviting and stylish area. String lights remain a popular option from prior years, turning your deck into a cozy cove for late-night entertainment or relaxing under the night sky. Additionally, embedded deck lights can turn a simple space into one that gives off a much more modern feel. These lights additionally enhance safety for those choosing to stay out well into the night while also creating a sophisticated ambience that modernizes the space.

Whether you prefer the contemporary allure of embedded lighting or the simple charm added by string lights, updating your deck with new lighting can elevate the space’s appeal and its functionality. Even a subtle addition here and there can turn your backyard deck into a delightful retreat for late-night activities. 

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  1. Creative Shading Ideas

Abandon your umbrellas and elevate your space with a trendier shading option. Pergolas remain a popular choice for spaces because of their architectural aspects and ability to provide shade. While umbrellas often create a cramped headspace, obscure views, and are limited in their coverage area, pergolas provide an open-air design that doesn’t encroach on headspace while seated around a table and shade a much larger area. 

Matching the color of your deck will even make the pergola seem like a natural extension that creates interest in the space. For all of these reasons, pergolas are the ideal option for creating a comfortable and spacious environment, making outdoor gatherings more enjoyable while still protecting from the sun. 

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  1. Keep the Cook-Out Outside 

If you love to eat outside but hate being separated from the outdoor fun while you’re cooking, then outdoor kitchens are a wonderful option. Outdoor kitchens continue to rise in popularity because they offer the convenience of preparing food outside while still entertaining your company. By building an outdoor kitchen on your deck, you can provide a more relaxed environment where everyone can hang back and relax while enjoying their meal. 

Outdoor kitchens have a lot of room for customization so they can be suited for your needs. Further, you can add storage for a minifridge and utensils, build bench seating into your deck, and even add in that pergola over your outdoor dining table.

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  1. The Secret of Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is a great option to modernize your deck space while also providing numerous advantages. If you’re planning on building that bench seating, you can make sure it also doubles as storage underneath the seats. You can also build a closet or cabinet space under your deck if it is built high enough off the ground. Not only will utilizing hidden storage space within bench seating or underneath an elevated deck improve its aesthetic appeal by removing clutter but also greatly enhance its functionality. 

Trust Advance Inc. With Your Summer Deck Upgrade 

Whether your deck is old and damaged or only needs a quick renovation, removing or adding some simple things can make a world of difference. If you want to impress your guests, consider elevating your outdoor living space with a creative mix of shading, seating, entertainment areas, and lighting. 

No matter the deck project, call Advance Inc. to answer the important questions and begin designing your dream deck. 

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