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Your front door is a great way to extend a warm invitation to any guest. Replacing an older, beat-up door instantly transforms and gives new life to your home’s exterior. Much like windows and other aesthetic aspects of your home, there’s an energy-efficiency incentive to making replacements. Old, worn-out doors and entry systems can be drafty, causing your home to lose heat in the winter or gain heat in the summer.

Here in the Delaware Valley, homeowners know firsthand the seasonal extremes from freezing cold to blistering hot temperatures. It’s why the entry door you choose can have a significant impact on energy efficiency. Whether you’re designing the entryway for a new home or replacing the door on an existing home, an efficient entry system is key to ensuring optimal insulation, as well as the safety and security of all those inside.

Here at Advance Inc., doors and entry systems are one of our specialties, and we’re happy to help our neighbors choose the right materials for their home, budget, and climate.

Types of Doors

When designing an entry system, there are multiple options for exterior front door styles. Popular front door materials include:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass

It’s helpful to know the pros and cons of each material before selecting a front door, as some materials may be better suited for specific environments, budgets, or styles.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are a classic, versatile choice for any home. Choosing from a variety of stains, you can easily customize a wooden door to fit the style of your home. It is also much easier to repair wooden doors, as imperfections or weathering scratches can be sanded down. The natural texture and grain of the wood can help hide these damages until it’s time for proper maintenance.

Wooden doors have a natural R value, the measure of a material’s thermal resistance, which can indicate the door’s overall energy efficiency. Wooden doors can have an R value that increases with wood thickness, but keep in mind that wood is not as thermal-resistant as other materials. Wooden doors typically have a water-resistant, glossy finish, which can help prevent warping and rotting. It’s important to choose a finish that will last over time.

At Advance Inc., we use Home Guard wooden doors made from only the highest-quality woods and with endless customization to ensure satisfaction.

Steel Doors

Unlike wooden doors, steel doors are known for their budget-friendly price, perhaps more so than their visual appeal. Steel doors offer a simpler, cleaner look at a competitive cost. They’re strong and resistant to warping or rotting and require little maintenance over time.

Advance Inc. is proud to offer Legacy™ Steel entry systems, which provide an elegant, durable, and energy-efficient addition to any home.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are a flexible option when deciding which material is best for your new entryway. They are easily customizable and can support your home’s need for efficiency and security. Fiberglass is a composite material that is resistant to fading, cracking or warping. The insulating foam in the center allows for optimal insulation, making fiberglass doors an ideal choice for homes in climates that experience extreme weather conditions.

Often, the biggest concern people have about fiberglass doors is their look. Fiberglass can be made to mimic the aesthetic of natural wood, allowing for a more genuine look and feel. Advance Inc. proudly carries Signet and Heritage doors, with stunning stain finishes and top-notch quality. These textured doors are artfully stained or painted with a durable finish that is guaranteed to last.

Here at Advance Inc., we are proud to offer high-quality customizable doors and outstanding service to our clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. If you want to optimize the style and efficiency of your entryway, we are happy to help! Browse our available door styles here or contact us today to speak to a representative.

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