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Exterior entry doors do a lot for your household. They protect against the elements and intruders and enhance your home’s visual appearance.

But exterior entry doors can only do so much. They don’t provide ventilation for your home when it’s battling stifling heat. They can’t fully insulate your home against cold air leakage in the winter. What’s more, their durability worsens when exposed to harsh weather conditions year after year. As a result, your energy costs shoot up, and repairs or replacements may be needed.

To avoid these pricey annoyances, you should consider investing in storm doors—valuable home additions which can maximize your household’s energy efficiency, security, and beauty.

What Are Storm Doors?

Storm doors are doors that are installed in front of exterior entry doors to protect against harsh weather, provide ventilation, and strengthen security. They typically feature interchangeable panels—glass panels for heat insulation in the chillier months, and screen panels for ventilation and keeping out bugs in the warmer ones. Many storm doors are also outfitted with security measures for added home protection.

As for their appearance, storm doors have come a long way from the aluminum eyesores of years past. Today, they come in a variety of different styles and can really accentuate your home’s visual appeal.

Types of Storm Doors

Broadly speaking, there are three types of storm doors, which may be made out of any one of these materials—full view storm doors, ventilating storm doors, and retractable screen storm doors.

  • Full view storm doors feature a full-length glass panel with a swappable full-length screen. They provide maximum visibility and heightened security.
  • Ventilating storm doors contain glass panels and a stationary full or half window screen. Their glass panels can be slid up or down to provide your home with ventilation.
  • Retractable screen storm doors include a screen for ventilation which can be rolled up when not being used.
Benefits of Storm Doors

Storm doors can provide your home a variety of benefits in the forms of energy efficiency, security, and comfort. Besides adding style to your home’s exterior, storm doors can help regulate the flow of energy into your home, saving you money on your energy bills. Storm doors with grids and deadbolt locks can beef up your home’s security and help keep your family safe. Last but not least, screen doors add a level of increased comfort and appeal to any home, especially those housing young children and pets.

Take some time to consider your household’s needs. If energy efficiency, security, and comfort are things you value, storm doors could be a rewarding investment.

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