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While all decks add valuable recreational space to the outdoors, pool decks and garden decks are a special way to improve the usability of your space. Homeowners who want to enjoy a pool or garden in their backyard, but have some reservations about maintenance, cleanliness, safety, or functionality, would benefit from considering these deck designs. 

Let’s discuss how pool decks and garden decks can solve many issues homeowners have with their outdoor spaces.

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Pool Decks

Having a pool at your home is especially fun in the summer, but pools also pose a number of concerns and add extra maintenance tasks to an already-busy homeowner’s schedule. The most common concerns with pools are difficult maintenance, safety, and the traction of mud and rocks into the house.

The addition of a pool deck allows your friends and family to enjoy the sun and water without needing to walk on gravel or dirt, and it helps you avoid bringing mud into your home. A deck around any pool will add to the enjoyment because of the new real estate added for outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and space for tanning. For above-ground pools, a deck would create space to sit or walk around the pool at water level, which comes in handy for maintenance.

Pool decks are best built with synthetic or recycled material, such as composite wood or vinyl. These materials are created to be slip- and water-resistant, meaning they will last longer and be safer to use. However, these materials are more expensive than simply building a wooden deck. A wooden pool deck, while being less expensive in the material at the outset, will require regular sealant or treatments and upkeep as time goes on.

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Garden Decks

Some outdoor spaces have vast gardens and expansive green areas. For homes with a large area for gardening, a garden deck can add to the aesthetic and make it easier and more enjoyable to navigate around the garden. For homes with less usable space, garden decks can help make the most of the space available, such as making room for planters and garden boxes and creating different levels of gardening space. 

Garden decks can come in all shapes and sizes. If you do not have a large budget for your deck, adding a few flower or herb boxes is a simple way to make your deck into a pseudo-garden.

If you have a larger budget, creating a more intricate deck is something you should discuss with your contractor. Adding aspects such as pergolas and stepped planters can add to your space and incorporate creative new ways for your plants to grow.

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Call Advance Inc. for Creative Deck Designs

Whether you are creating a pool deck to keep the mud out of your home, creating the garden of your dreams, or looking to add something extra to your outdoor space, the professionals at Advance, Inc. can help.
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