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bay window

Today, we’d like to talk about one of the most-loved, most common window upgrades that our customers in the New Castle area request: a new bay window. Adding a bay window to your home is a wonderful way to freshen the look of your indoor living space and boost curb appeal at the same time, but the benefits don’t stop there. Read on for more information on why adding a bay window to your home might be your next best investment.

Benefits of Adding a Bay Window: Natural Light

Bay windows present a unique opportunity to transform living spaces. What may be an underused, dim area of your home can quickly become an enjoyable hub of activity. This is all due to one crucial factor: natural light.

Many homeowners choose to incorporate a bay window in order to bring more natural light into the home. This does more than just brighten up your living space; natural light helps improve your mood, increases your productivity, and can even “provide the mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms,” notes Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg writing for Architectural Lighting Magazine.

With all that natural light, you can expect the room in which you add a bay window to quickly become a favorite for members of your household, whether you have small children who will enjoy playing bathed in natural light and watching the seasons change or adults who will settle in to read or get some work done. And in addition to the many benefits to your well-being, an abundance of natural light lessens the need for interior lighting, which in the long run means a more energy-efficient home.

Benefits of Adding a Bay Window: Boost Curb Appeal

From the outside, bay windows can add dimension and style. If you live in a neighborhood with homes that feature similar architectural styles, a bay window is a great way to set your home apart from the others. You can add landscaping that accentuates your bay window, and unique house plants situated inside your window can even add to your home’s curb appeal.

If you don’t love the idea of adding a bay window in the front of your home, the possibilities don’t end there. A bay window that opens up to the rear of the home can provide your family with enjoyable views of the natural world while maintaining a greater sense of privacy.

Benefits of Adding a Bay Window: Beautification of Indoor Environment

Bay windows beautify and benefit your home inside and out. They provide a perfect opportunity to incorporate more plants into your indoor environment as they let in plenty of light, setting the stage for a healthier home. House plants remove toxins and add oxygen to your home’s air, freshening and bringing beauty at the same time. They also increase ventilation as their angles provide several ways for air to circulate into the home when windows are open.

For smaller homes, the addition of a bay window can give you back some livable space by serving as a shelf for decorative and practical items alike. Or, you can design a bay window to create more living space by adding a seat board that can be used for reading or relaxing. These designs usually feature storage under the seat board, further increasing the space’s usability.

Next week, we’ll discuss some important considerations you should keep in mind when moving forward with adding a bay window to your home.

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