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A well-loved house has pristine siding. Routine proper maintenance of your home’s exterior will keep it looking new for years, but normal wear will eventually show regardless of your efforts. At some point, you’ll need to consider upgrading your siding. 

Depending on the level of wear, siding material, and your budget, there will be several different paths for you to take to give your home a proper revamp.

Brick Homes

Brick homes, whether they are standard red brick or colored, are easier to keep looking clean and fresh. If you have a red brick home that is starting to look a little more green or black, the easiest plan is to power wash the home yourself. Routine washing will clear away all the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the exterior of your home in the past season, deterring any growth of mildew, mold, plant life, and more. 

Another option is to paint your home. This will require some preparatory work on your part, including pressure washing your home. Discuss with your contractor if they can repair any damaged bricks for you. Your contractor can also guide you in choosing a paint brand that will not easily peel and can withstand the changing of the seasons.

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Vinyl Siding

Similar to brick, vinyl siding can be cleaned with a simple power washing. However, unlike brick homes, vinyl sided homes will need this cleaning less often and will retain color longer. Over time, however, you may notice the vibrance of your vinyl siding fading due to exposure to sunlight.

Repairing vinyl siding with new siding can be a fix for faded color siding, but you will want to talk to your contractor. Depending on how extensive the light damage is and where it is located, you may want to consider replacing all of the siding on your home, or at least a large portion of it. Discuss these options with your contractor and inform them of your budget and visual concerns.

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Wooden Siding

When someone mentions wooden homes, many picture a log cabin in the woods. While that is a fair thought, old-style homes with wooden siding still exist. Although these homes are beautiful with their nostalgic visual appeal, the wooden siding can be very difficult to keep up with. Wood rots over time and can lead to infestations such as termites or ants.

If you have a wooden home and wish to retain that aesthetic, but the current exterior is falling apart, discuss replacing that wooden exterior with your contractor. Depending on where you live, they may guide you towards a more resistant kind of wood exterior.

Your contractor may suggest investing in a new kind of siding. If that is the case, they can guide you towards a solution that is best for your home, your wallet, and your design vision.

Discover Your Siding Solution

You don’t want your home to be the eyesore of the neighborhood. Many times, the easy solution is the best one. Other times, you need to bring in the experts to fix your problem.  
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