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As the first barrier to the elements, healthy windows are paramount in maintaining the long-term integrity of your home. Checking windows seasonally and caring for issues as they arise will always extend their lifespan, but replacing windows as needed is just as important. Based on the fluctuating seasons, it can be tricky to plan window replacement and installation. With the right window installation company, here’s the bottom line: it all depends on your priorities and comfort level. 

Some homeowners would tolerate a less favorable climate in exchange for a quick turnaround time and the best deal, while others would be willing to pay more during a busier window replacement season. Of course, it also depends on the current state of your home’s exterior windows. Here’s how to weigh the benefits and downfalls of each season when planning your window replacement.

First Line of Defense: Check & Care For Your Windows

There’s no set formula that can tell you when to replace windows in your home. Exposure to weather and debris is inevitable, and wear and tear naturally occurs over time. Taking care to seasonally check for any damage and conducting any needed maintenance can help extend the life of your windows. Failing to do so allows any minor issues to worsen, and you’ll leave behind those cheaper fixes in exchange for costly repairs. It’s important to also remember that properly installed windows will last longer. 

Will Putting Off New Windows Cost You More?

Improper window installation can eventually create structural gaps between the frame and window, leading to difficulties when opening and closing them. Small pockets will also form and allow for seasonal drafts to creep in, eating away at your budget for your energy bills. Even properly installed windows will eventually shift, chip, crack, and wear away, so you won’t be able to delay replacements forever.

As you assess your windows, consider the level of damage and whether you can afford to put off purchasing and installing new windows until the next season. Moreover, consider whether replacing only the more damaged windows or the windows in one section of the house could improve your situation without breaking your budget. 

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Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?

Winter can be the more affordable time to buy. It’s less popular, but for good reason – it’s cold! The seasonal dip in temperatures makes winter less ideal for window installation, as you’ll leave your home’s exterior exposed to the outdoors until new windows have been installed.

Spring is a popular time to buy and install windows because of the temperate weather. In exchange, those rising temperatures equal rising price tags. It may also be more difficult to secure a timely installation with a busy professional. Summer is a popular time for window installation depending on your location, too, as the weather will likely be in your favor. However, contractors may still be busy and your installation may take longer than you’d like, all in combination with higher prices. 

Fall is a fantastic time to take care of existing issues and ensure you’re sealing up your home to keep the winter weather out. Plus, contractors will begin having more availability with the seasonal shift, resulting in less lengthy timelines. 

As you consider which windows to replace and when to replace them, also take your utility costs into account. Based on the time of year, heating or cooling costs may mean current season deals and savings are simply not worth it. Instead of paying for a costly installation, you’ll be paying for a costly energy bill.

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Affordable Window Installations With Advance Inc.

At Advance Inc., we always offer a free quote so that you may explore all options and decide on your own terms. When you’re ready, one of our seasoned professionals will conduct an in-home consultation and help find the perfect window options for you. We offer many consumer favorites such as Anderson, Okna, Vytex, Starmark Composite Windows, Provia, and more. 

If you’re ready for a window upgrade, give us a call at (302)-803-4240 or contact us online.

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