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The East Coast is not a stranger to rain, especially during the spring. Old and worn roofs may still protect you on ordinary days, but when deluges of water come down, that old roof might not stand a chance. Maintaining your roof properly will extend it’s lifespan, but all roofs will eventually fail unless replaced.

If your roof is bowing or leaking, it is best to call a professional right away to assess the situation and recommend repair or replacement options. Here are a few things you will want to consider before moving forward.

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Repair or Replace?

Depending on the damage, you may only need a minor repair or partial replacement of your roof.  An expert roofer can advise you on whether your roof will require more than a minor repair. If the situation is dire or the roof is past it’s prime, you’ll likely need to consider a full replacement. For newer roofs or lesser damage, a repair or small section replacement would be sufficient. 

Common signs of roof damage that will require immediate repair include:

  • Shifting, curling, or missing shingles
  • Uneven sections that have sunk down
  • Interior water damage coming from the ceiling or in the attic
  • Damaged or missing flashing

Sometimes, severe damage comes on suddenly and a full roof replacement is not a financial option. In that case, you can discuss with your roofing professional the options for a smaller project to correct the issue in the meantime or discuss a partial replacement. You might even be able to finance the project so that the otherwise expensive project is more manageable. 

Which Roof Material?

Once it has been determined which level of repair your roof requires, you will need to decide if you would like to replace the damaged roofing with the same materials or try something new. If you are interested in changing the style or material of your roof, there are several options for you. You might also consider a more affordable option if the project will be a financial burden for you.

Keep in mind that some types of roofs have longer lifespans or require more maintenance than others. Asphalt roofs are common and more affordable, but they also last about 20 years. Fiber cement lasts about 25 years, while wood shake roofs can last 30 years. If you have the budget for it, tile, copper, or slate roofs are much more pricey but can last 50 years or more.

If you are planning on replacing your whole roof, part of the material decision process is choosing the style. Consider the color palette, materials, and architectural style of the rest of your home as well as the other homes in your neighborhood.

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Should I Choose a Roof Based On Where I Live?

Where you live can affect the longevity of your roof, so make sure to discuss the different options that work best for your region. For example, some parts of the United States can have higher than average amounts of sun exposure or UV intensity, while other parts are more prone to heavy rainfall or extreme weather events like hurricanes. In these cases, certain roofing materials are more popular because they help to maintain a comfortable interior environment with insulation or withstand extreme weather more effectively.

Be sure to discuss which roof materials will be the best option for your region with a roofing professional. Newer roofing options, such as architectural shingles, may be worth the extra expense in exchange for a sturdier roof over your family’s heads for years to come.

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Take the Panic Out of Roof Repair

Advance Inc. is a proud partner of Owens Corning, a shingle manufacturer and industry leader in shingle design and architectural shingles. Our experts can assist you by giving an estimate and walking you through the roof project process until your home is whole once again.

Contact us right away for a free in-home consultation to begin your roofing project.

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