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Bear de Deck

Your deck is a major aspect of your house’s exterior and plays a part in defining the personality and living experience of your home. So, when building or remodeling your porch, no homeowner should take the decision of style and layout lightly.

Here’s our guide to some of the primary options for deck styles, along with their benefits.


The primary benefit of a contemporary deck is flexibility. By using a design with clean lines, basic shapes, and modern features, you can give your deck a sleek, stylish feel without any major requirements. Since these decks have minimal requirements, you can maintain this aesthetic across a wide range of layouts, allowing you to easily tweak it to your home or vision. A contemporary style works across a wide range of materials like composite and vinyl, so it’s a great option if you have a budget or need durability.


Are you looking to bring a classical element to your home? The colonial deck isn’t just for a colonial home. With the asymmetrical design, post caps, and molded railings, you can bring a dash of New England style to your home. Colonial works best with two-story homes with a white color scheme and is great to tie together a more understated aesthetic.


A traditional style uses octagons and chambered corners with classic wooden materials to give your deck a warm, cozy feeling. This design is perfect if you want to decorate extensively and ties together a one-story home into a nice cottage style.


Is your home surrounded by nature or near a gorgeous vista? Do you want to help your home really blend into the woods or stand out against a blue sky? The mountain design features heavy timber framing to create a strong, pioneer aesthetic. This also comes with the added benefit of durability—these decks are built to last.


Any homeowner overlooking water should naturally consider the coastal style of decks. These styles emphasize your view, with minimalist railings and white colors to really blend into the vista. This style also works well with more durable materials like vinyl, providing protection against storms and volatile weather.

Detached or Island Deck

Looking for a bold visual statement in your yard? An island deck is a flexible, simple way to distinguish your property. You can place the deck anywhere on your property, and since the deck doesn’t have to conform to your house, it can have its own architectural style. This is a great solution for unforgiving terrain, poor drainage, or a difficult home layout.

If you don’t want to do something as bold as the island deck, there’s the peninsula deck. This is like an island deck with an attaching walkway.

Whatever your design choice, we’re here to help. If you’d like to begin creating the yard of your dreams or want to discuss your options further, contact us. We’ll be happy to assess the design of your home and help you identify the best deck option for your needs.

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