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The solar energy industry craze is finally starting to sweep the nation after a long period of being seen as too expensive and labor-intensive. Many homeowners also found the early solar panels to be unattractive, or they didn’t understand how they worked enough to commit to the change. If you’re finally ready to take on solar panel installation, you’d be right to question which roof material is best for solar panels.

Solar panels are heavy equipment, and they need a solid foundation, proper installation, and the right angle for efficient energy production. To help you get started, let’s discuss which roof materials are best for solar panels.

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Check Your Roof First

First things first: the best type of roof for solar panels is a sturdy, good-condition roof. The weight of solar panel equipment is significant, and these panels require reliable mounting or they could cause damage to your home or be damaged themselves. Regardless of the type of roofing material you have, you should get your roof inspected by a professional.

A roofing professional will look for signs of wear like loose or missing shingles that must be fixed right away. They might also tell you to consider getting your roof replaced depending on the material, age, and signs of damage. It will be more convenient and safe to replace your roof before installing solar panels at that point.

Installing Solar Panels On an Asphalt Roof

Asphalt roofs are one of the most common roofs you see across the continental U.S. They are versatile in style and very reliable. They could be made of cellulose or fiberglass, making them flexible without sacrificing durability. Solar panels are the easiest to install on asphalt roofing because it is simple to drill studs into the roof and mount them at the right angle. To prevent any water penetration in your roof, a professional will install flashing between the studs and the panel. 

Asphalt roofing is also great for homeowners that don’t necessarily enjoy the look of solar panels. Installing a nice neutral asphalt roof will help to camouflage the solar panels. In addition, installing a new roof right before solar panels will prolong the life of your roof, as the solar panels will provide extra protection to the area they cover.

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Can I Install Solar Panels On Other Types of Roofs?

Of course, not everyone wants or has an asphalt roof – that doesn’t mean you can’t install solar panels. Solar panels can be installed on any type of roof from tile to metal or even tar. At the same time, you’ll have considerations like whether your roof could be more easily damaged by solar panel installation, how much more expensive it will be to install due to labor, and if the solar panels will make your roof look unattractive.

The best way to know for sure if your roof is ready for solar panels is to call a professional. At Advance Inc., we’re passionate about helping homeowners ensure their homes are beautiful, durable, comfortable, and even eco-friendly. We have years of experience inspecting and preparing roofs in the northeast in the case that homeowners choose to install solar energy. 
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