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Everyone knows the timeless saying: April showers bring May flowers! Unfortunately, that also means that April brings leaky windows for some homeowners. While leaks are uncommon in newer windows, poor work done by contractors or extreme environmental exposure can cause them. Otherwise, leaks are more common in old windows that haven’t been properly maintained and repaired over time.

If you have a window leak, you’ll first want to pinpoint the cause, then assess whether you’ll need a repair or replacement by a professional.

What Is The Cause Of The Window Leaking?

If your leak is due to poor worksmanship, then it might be caused by improper flashing. Flashing is a material used as a barrier between your home’s interior and the elements. If flashing is used or applied improperly, the seal will fail. Similarly, if there is no sealant or caulking around the window panes, the elements can more easily infiltrate the home.

This issue is more common if your home has unique architecture and angles. Problematic angles can also be found in the structure of your windows. If one side is leaning inward or outward from the wall, the seal might not work correctly.

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What Are The Signs of Poor Window Installation?

There are some tell-tale signs that could point to poor window installation. The first thing you may notice is that the window sealing has a heavy caulking job. Caulk should only be used to fill in the small gaps, no more than ¼ inch wide and no deeper than ½ inch. If there is more caulk visible than these estimates, your window sealant needs to be redone.

Improper caulking of the windows in your home can cause the panes to fog up. The cause of fogging is the internal warmth of your home interacting with the cooler air outside, meaning your seal is broken.

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If you live in an old building or home, these issues may not be due to a poor contracting job. Sometimes, the sealants are worn down by moisture or heat over a long period of time. Your windows may just need to be replaced due to old age or wear and tear. However, checking your windows seasonally and addressing smaller issues as they arise will allow your windows to last longer.

In addition, like the rest of your home, keeping your windows clean and clear will allow them to better protect your family from the elements. Cleaning your windows regularly will help prevent plant and mold growth as well as buildup of dust and grime that could cause issues with your window sealants.

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What If I Need Window Repair Or Replacement?

Here at Advance, Inc., we stand by our window products and installation offerings as well as our expertise. We are confident you’ll save money and energy in the long run if you stay educated about proper window maintenance and do not hesitate to call a professional for repairs as soon as they’re needed. Proper window maintenance will ultimately enhance the integrity of your home.

Contact Advance Inc. so that our window installation and repair experts can help make your vision of a safe and beautiful home a reality.

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