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New Castle County

Homeowners tend to get frustrated with their home’s facade after only a few years in their house. It’s natural for something to gradually lose its appeal when you look at it every day. You start to see only the imperfections and rough spots every time you look at your house. . Your facade starts looking drab and outdated, especially if your personal style has evolved. It can be easier and cheaper than you think to update your home to match.

Maximizing the appeal of the exterior of your home should be a priority for homeowners whether they are staying or selling the property. Curb appeal is a crucial part of the value of your home in your heart and your wallet.

Luckily there’s a quick way to transform the attitude, style, and interest of your home’s outward appearance. Upgrading your front door is a fantastic solution for revamping the whole look of your home to better suit your style. Switching out your front door only takes a few hours, so it’s very low impact.

Modern Options for the Trend Conscious Homeowner

Sleek and edgy doors are perfect for folks looking to keep the appearance of their homes current and refined. Modern trends in exterior doors are full of inspiration for the homeowner who updates their personal style often and wants their home to match.

For a bold and modern statement, try a monochrome look. Matching your door, trim, and the finishes of your doorknobs, locks, and mail slot is a fashion-forward update that will bring the whole facade into the present.

A more subtle effect can be achieved by choosing a door with built-in geometric windows. Fill your entryway with light by choosing one of these gorgeous exterior doors. A single, rectangular window of clear or frosted glass is also a modern take on stained glass windows.

Classic Never Goes Out of Style

For a more refined, timeless appearance, stick with what works. Homeowners who are drawn to romantic and elegant styles of the past should draw inspiration from rustic, vintage, and historic front doors.

Choosing quality wood and letting its natural beauty shine is a sure way to make your front door a timeless statement. Intricate and detailed woodworking accentuates the beauty of the wood for a more formal option.

Accessorize with vintage features, like a door knocker or a painted house number.

Front Door Ideas for Expressing Individuality

If your style is all your own and you love surrounding yourself with your unique vision of beauty, bring your individual touch to the exterior of your home. A charming front door that stands out from the crowd is an important step in making your home your own.

Vibrant colors can add an instant attitude to your home, the bolder the better for some quirky homeowners. Let your creativity run wild when you consider possibilities like patterns, stripes, stencils, or other ways of incorporating multiple colors.

Looks Aren’t Everything: Updates That Go Above and Beyond Appearances

Besides aesthetics, choosing a new front door has powerful potential for increasing the value of your home. In a previous blog post, we discussed security features and new eco-friendly options that boost your investment even more.

If you are ready to begin switching out your front door for a solution that fits your style, contact us today! We’re always happy to discuss your options with you before you commit.

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