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Open porches are wonderful, but in the Northeast, there’s a limited window of time when the environment is perfect for enjoying your outdoor spaces. Once the temperature rises or the sun begins to set, bugs become extremely active and a nuisance. A screened porch can greatly expand the window of time you can enjoy the outdoors, as well as add versatile and engaging living space to your home.

Right now is the perfect time to consider adding this upgrade to your home. In this week’s blog, we will go over some creative ways of adding a screened-in porch that will enrich your home life and create unique multipurpose spaces.

Creative Ways to Use Your New Screened-In Porch

A screened-in porch comes in many forms. You could choose a porch that is completely enclosed with screening, or you can choose to enclose only a portion of your porch. In addition, you can choose to add a roof to the screened-in portion of your porch. When designing your new porch, you can choose to allow entry to the screened area from inside the home or from your outdoor space.

Having even a small screened-in area for a retreat from bugs or the rain will greatly increase your family’s time to spend relaxing or dining outdoors. Creating a screened-in porch also opens up the potential to use your outdoor space for a wide variety of recreational purposes.

Add Entertainment Space for Lounging and Dining

By screening and roofing an area next to your home, you add to your living space that can be easily used for entertainment. With an entryway from inside the home, especially from the dining and living areas, your friends and family can easily flow in and out of the main areas for relaxing, dining, and enjoying each others’ company. With a roof and screen, any furniture, equipment, food, and decor will be protected from the elements and insects.

To truly create a great entertainment space, install overhead lighting, ceiling fans, and a fireplace. Create seating areas with hammocks, cushioned chairs, and tables. Some homeowners even choose to install a dry or wet bar that can also be accessed from their pool area.

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Create a Private Escape

If your family doesn’t often entertain formally, you can still benefit from a screened-in porch. Instead of an entertainment setup, you can choose to add access to your porch from quieter, more private parts of the home such as a bedroom suite or second level. Adding some comfy outdoor lounge chairs, a porch swing, or even a bedroom-like setup adds space for relaxation and quiet time outdoors.

Build Your Own At-Home Spa

Wish you could spend every day at the spa? You can turn your screened-in porch or section of your deck into a home spa with the addition of a hot tub, sauna, and some comfy furniture. When your hot tub is safely enclosed under a roof and within a screen, you will be able to access it all year round and get the most out of it. You can even set up a spa area stocked with towels, lotions, and your favorite spa products. If you have a yoga practice or weight lift, you can even turn this area into an outdoor gym or studio.

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Build the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams With Advance Inc.

Here at Advance Inc., we have over 30 years of experience helping people enhance their homes with better-than-life additions. Adding a screened-in porch to your home enriches your daily home life, increases the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor space, and creates new opportunities for relaxing and entertaining. You’ll even increase the value of your home.

Contact us today to talk about your ideas for creating a new outdoor space for your home.

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