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Perhaps the arrival of spring after the dark and cold of the winter has you itching to make some changes to refresh your home. There’s no better solution to a lack of sunlight than adding a bay window to your house. Bay windows are minor renovation projects that make a huge impact for both your home’s style and value.

Read on to learn about the different areas in your home where a bay window can completely transform the space.

What Is a Bay Window?

A bay window will extend outward from the exterior wall of the house and either create an interior ledge or expand the floor space below. The sides of the bay window can be angled or projected straight out from the house to create a “box bay.” You can also choose to use curved windows to create what is called a “bow window.” The bay window will have roofing over the top exterior portion and can be installed in place of existing windows, doors, or in a new opening.

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The Living Room Bay Window

Most homeowners think of living room bay windows with window seats or house plant arrangements, but there are more creative and uncommon ways to use these windows to set your home apart.

A bay window that is open all the way to the floor creates a wonderful spot to add some cozy chairs rather than a permanently installed window seat, allowing you to easily make changes in the future to furniture arrangements. In many cases, the living room bay can hold a full-sized couch, showcase a baby grand piano, or accommodate a small secretary desk, making the chore of paying bills or working at your computer much more enjoyable.

Adding a Bay Window to the Dining Room

Dining rooms often have a more formal feel which can be advanced with the addition of a bay window. The window will not only add some visual interest to the space but also let in more light and open up the room to accommodate larger dining room furniture.

A sideboard or buffet could be placed in the bay area without getting in the way of guests moving around the table or pushing out chairs to stand. Or you can install it so that your dining room table could be extended for more seating in the case of holidays or extra company.

Create a Breakfast Nook in Your Kitchen

A bay window is a tasteful choice for creating that sunny breakfast nook you’ve always dreamed about. Instantly create a lovely space for breakfast or tea with a small table and chairs, or set up a space for the kids while you work in the kitchen.

The addition of natural light in your kitchen instantly makes the space more enjoyable and usable as well. If you have an eat-in kitchen, a bay window instantly expands the space available for meals and storage. You can also get that much-needed ventilation for cooking up elaborate meals.

Create a Luxurious Master Suite

A bay window can create a dramatic and luxurious feel in the master bedroom. Use the space to create a cozy seating area with upholstered chairs or a vintage chaise longue. By building a comfortable window seat in the bay window, you can create a quiet refuge for reading or napping or create more storage space with built-in drawers. 

The addition of a bay window in the master bathroom can transform it into a luxury spa. The bay area can be furnished with a comfy chair or a vanity, or the nook can even hold a bathtub or spa counter, creating an amazing getaway feel.

Upgrading Entryways and Hallways

The addition of a bay window in an entryway or hall can add not only a unique architectural feature but also added space and light. A bay area with a built-in seat can act as a quasi-mudroom to house shoes and umbrellas and offer a comfortable spot to sit in while transitioning from outside to inside. Even an upstairs hallway can benefit from a bay window by making use of overlooked and underutilized parts of the house.

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Advance Inc. is Your Source for Bay Window Home Upgrades

Do you have some creative ideas for upgrading your home’s underutilized or dim spaces with a new bay window? Keep those ideas in mind and contact Advance Inc. to make an appointment for your in-home consultation and free estimate.

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