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home improvement

The year 2020 has seen a lot of change beyond our control and a lot more time spent at home. That’s perhaps why people are taking control of their living spaces through home improvement projects. Many are taking advantage of extra time on their hands by updating the interiors and exteriors of their homes. As seen on Pinterest and even TikTok, home improvement projects can be fun, and people are documenting the various ways they’re taking their homes to the next level.

Here are some popular home improvement projects you can complete before the New Year:


Homeowners are sprucing up their interiors with a fresh coat of paint. Painting walls is an easy and cost-effective way to update the look of any room in your home. Using light or soft colors can make a room feel larger, while an accent wall with a single, bright color or geometric pattern can pull the focus of the space to a single point.

Another popular, cost-effective way to upgrade your space is to upcycle and repaint old pieces of furniture. There are numerous creative options for refurbishing old pieces. You can use different colors and techniques to achieve a certain aesthetic, which can help your home reflect your personality.

Climate-Proofing Your Home

Climate change continues to be a real concern for homeowners, and climate-proofing homes, or making them more functional for changing weather, is a growing trend. Some smart climate-proofing investments include insect screens for windows and weatherstripping doors and windows to seal your home against the cold of winter.

Like many other materials, the products you use to climate-proof your home can break down, so be sure to replace screens and window seals as necessary. Regularly check your home for water damage, maintain your roof, and clean your gutters as needed.

You can also consider investing in green-energy solar panels or upgrading your home’s insulation for energy cost-savings. Some ways to improve your insulation include reinforcing your roof, investing in double-pane windows, and keeping up with HVAC maintenance.

Full-Room Renovations

If you have the budget for it, full-room renovations are extremely popular right now. From DIY to larger projects, homeowners are finding creative ways to reinvent their living spaces. A popular way to create an extra living space is to make use of outdoor structures. This can involve revamping a deck or turning a shed or gazebo into a fun hangout room.

When it comes to home improvement, there is a lot of room for creativity and innovation. Advance Inc. can answer your questions about your next home improvement project and help make the experience enjoyable and exciting.

Contact us today to speak to a representative, and be sure to ask us about energy-efficient solutions for home improvement.

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