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The rustic-style home emphasizes rugged and natural beauty. This means earthy textures, simple colors, and simple, warm designs. The goal is to feel honest and unpretentious. The rustic home is a classic for a reason; it’s one of the most immediately recognizable ways to establish a sense of personality for your home. The rustic house is honest, straightforward, and cozy. It imparts a sense of hard work and strong familial bonds almost as soon as you walk in.

Creating your perfect rustic home doesn’t necessarily require a lengthy remodel. By carefully selecting the right door and window elements, you can get started creating your perfect cozy home.

Sturdy Wooden Door

Your door is crucial for setting the initial tone and atmosphere of your home. It simultaneously defines your interior and exterior. The easiest way to achieve a rustic style is to invoke a farm sensibility, so you want to use a soft wood like cedar. You want a design that feels solid, so use minimal glass elements. For any side or auxiliary doors, consider going with a straightforward barn style to really sell the tone for your exterior.

Solid Shutters

If you’re looking for a traditional, solid aesthetic the solid shutter might be perfect for you. These come in full height and tiered configurations, but the important thing is that they come without louvres or slats. These solid panels of wood not only provide great protection for your windows, but they offer a surprising array of options for style. With dark, earthy colors you can quickly transform your exterior.


You want to orient your roof for a traditional look. Use dark gray and black colors. For the shingles themselves, you want something in a presidential shake for that sense of woodsy coziness.

Decks and Porches

The deck or porch is important for the rustic style, since it really establishes the relationship your home has with nature. You have two options for the kind of deck you use. First there’s traditional: this uses octagons and chambered corners with classic wooden materials to give your deck a warm, cozy feeling. This design is perfect if you want to decorate extensively and ties together a one-story home.

Next, there’s the mountain style, which is great if you want to integrate your home into nature or showcase a gorgeous vista. The mountain design features heavy timber framing to create a strong, pioneer aesthetic. This also comes with the added benefit of durability—these decks are built to last. Whatever you use, you want an open, uncluttered floor plan.

Don’t wait to create your perfect rustic home. We have the expertise to make sure every fixture is working towards your vision as a homeowner. Contact us today to begin revitalizing your exterior.

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