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screwdriver by window

Summer days are arriving! There’s no time like the present to get your windows set for warmer temperatures and ensure they’re in tip-top condition to prevent energy loss as your AC system kicks into high gear.

Today, we offer three ways to keep your windows performing as they should this summer season.

Summer Window Tip #1: Clean ’Em Up

A clean window is not just a more beautiful window–it’s a better-performing one. The same grit and small debris that litter your window sills can also interfere with the opening and closing of your window, especially the screen tracks. Try using your vacuum’s crevice and brush attachments first, and eliminate as much dirt as you can this way. Then, grab some q-tips and a glass or all-purpose spray to handle the rest of the buildup (white vinegar works great, too!).

When you’re ready to move onto the windows themselves, remember to start at the top and work your way down for the best results. A squeegee or newspapers will help with a streak-free shine once you’ve done a thorough cleaning with paper towels or a cleaning cloth.

And remember to wipe down any surfaces that are still moist when you’re done–moisture can do a number on wooden sills.

Summer Window Tip #2: Inspect

Now that your windows are clean, proceed through a few inspections to make sure they’re functioning properly. Here are some items to check out:

  • Window panes: what shape are they in? Any cracks that need to be addressed? And do you spot any condensation? If so, that’s a red flag for inefficiency. As the U.S. Department of Energy notes, “inefficient windows… can result in condensation, frost, or pools of water on windows and sills… continued excess moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and deterioration of your windows and sills.”
  • Window hardware: is everything operating properly? If not, replace items immediately to protect your investment and your family’s security.
  • Window glazing: is the white glazing found around the perimeter of your window beginning to chip and break away? If so, you can DIY to ensure a more efficient window with these steps. But this is only a band-aid– keep in mind that deteriorating glazing often indicates a need for replacement.
Summer Window Tip #3: Repair, Repaint, or Replace

It’s essential to your investment in your windows and your home’s energy efficiency that you address any needed repairs that you discover in your inspection quickly. You can do it yourself or hire a professional depending on the scope of the job–honestly evaluate your ability (including time and energy) to address the problem before jumping into a DIY commitment, though!

Another window maintenance task that is right for the season is repainting. Because your windows withstand the elements and are opened and closed so frequently, the paint is, of course, going to chip. gives a very helpful overview of each stage of the process, from cleaning and scraping your windows to avoiding the trap of getting paint on the glass, tracks, weather stripping, or other parts of your window.

If your windows are just too old to benefit from the tips we’ve shared today, seriously consider replacement as your best option. The energy savings that new windows bring are second only to the convenience of having beautiful, well-performing windows that you don’t need to stress about.

WIth these tasks complete, your windows will be summer weather-ready and your home will be properly sealed to withstand the summer heat!

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