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It’s cold and dreary right now in the Delaware Valley area, but that’s the perfect reason to start imagining what you could do now to prepare for warmer weather. Creating your ultimate outdoor space is easy once you’ve built your vision, whether you’ve decided you want to build or upgrade your deck, install a screened-in porch, or even create a three-season room. 

Need some inspiration for your summer dreams? Let’s take a look at some potential warm weather additions you can choose for your home!

Deck Options and Styles

Adding a deck to your outdoor space quickly and easily adds valuable living space to your home. A deck can become an outdoor dining room complete with a grill and bar, or it can create an area for container gardens full of flowers and kitchen herbs. Decks are also the perfect space to entertain guests, allowing space for sun-bathed and shaded seating, tables, and more.

Decks can be made from a variety of materials. Wooden deck surfaces are what often comes to mind when we think of a home deck, but there are also PVC and composite decking options. High performance composite decking is not only beautiful, but also never needs to be painted or stained. It cleans easily and resists mold and stains, too. Some composite decking even comes with stay-cool technology so that your deck is always comfortable to the touch, even in direct sunlight.

If your home already has a deck, but the surface is looking worn or damaged, Advance Inc. can resurface your deck and make it look like new again.

Pergolas for Shade and Protection

A pergola is an open framework of beams and columns once popular for growing trailing plants and now often used to create partial shade and further define a space.

For example, pergolas are popular over outdoor grilling and dining areas so that these spaces can be used safely and comfortably in a variety of weather conditions. Pergolas also help create cozy and comfortable seating areas for lounging and socializing.

Railing Choices

Of course your deck will have railings for safety, but railings can also be an important decorative feature. Stylish balusters can make all the difference to the architectural feel of your outdoor space. Railings can also be combined with seating options to create separate spaces throughout your deck, such as bar seating in the outdoor kitchen and lounging chairs for conversation areas.

Lighting for Safety and Ambiance

Built-in deck lighting creates dramatic options for after the sunset. Lighting can be built into stairs and railings, creating a safer and more luxurious outdoor experience. You might even choose to install lighting throughout the pergola, lighting the outdoor space from above and improving the ambiance. 

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Screened-in Porches

A screened-in porch can be anything from a small and simple seating area to a full-fledged outdoor living and dining room. The beauty of the screened-in porch is the protection against insects and pests. A full roof protects against the weather so that the porch is available to use for much of the year.

A screened-in porch can offer views in one direction and privacy in another with judicious use of wood slats or partial walls. Some screened-in porches are even used as bedrooms in the summer months for sleeping in the cool natural breezes of the outdoors.

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Three-Season Rooms or Sunrooms

A three-season room, also known as a sunroom, is an addition on a house featuring floor to ceiling windows on the three exterior sides. This expansive use of windows allows for maximum sunlight and wonderful views while still being within the comfort of your home.

Three-season rooms are wonderful when filled with thriving houseplants and comfortable furniture. The benefit of a three-season room is mainly that you get all the feelings of being outdoors without the exposure to the weather. The ease of spending time in the sun while surrounded by nature can lift the spirit and nurture the soul, especially during winter months.

Put Your Summer Dreams into Action

You can get started this winter on your deck, porch, or sunroom construction so that you relax in your new outdoor space as soon as the weather turns pleasant. At the same time, additions like decks, porches, and sun rooms require professional knowledge and skills. To ensure that your outdoor space will be ready for summer, contact Advance Inc. to speak with one of our consultants and schedule in-home consultation.

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