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Spring Entry Door

The front of your home makes the first impression. It sets the tone for what visitors, or prospective buyers, can expect when they come through your front door.

Being that the front door is the focal point of the exterior of your home, small improvements have a remarkable overall effect. As winter comes to an end, take advantage of the mild weather by taking on projects that the cold prohibited. Ramp up the spring cleaning with a few of these transformative tips.

Switch Up Your Accessories

Little details can make a huge impact on the aesthetic appeal of your front door area. Accessories like these are stylistic additions that add character and charm.

Try switching out your old house numbers for new ones. There are so many styles for numbers that you can find one that fits perfectly. Experiment with placement before you mount them to find the best spot.

Keeping the entry well-lit discourages break-ins, with the added benefit of creating a sense of warmth. Having bright motion-detecting lights can do the trick, or you can get creative. Go for something softer for a more inviting effect, or choose a light fixture with appealing design elements.

It may also be time for a new doormat. Something that gets so regularly used can only hold up for so long. A new, stylish doormat adds a bright and clean feeling to the front of your home. Go bold with interesting colors, words, or designs, or keep it simple and classic with neutral tones or natural materials.

Increase Security Features for Added Peace of Mind

Points of entry are targeted in break-ins. Modern security features are reliable investments to protect your home.

If you still have the locks that were installed by previous owners you probably have no sense of how tough the locks are. Considering that home security technology has advanced rapidly in recent years if the lock has been there longer than you have then it’s time for an update. We recommend doing some research before you choose. Consumer Reports has an overview of your options.

Many front doors feature glass windows. Something so fragile being the only barrier between your home and forced entry is unnerving to some homeowners. Glass security film is an addition that keeps the glass intact after it breaks with a layer of strong adhesive, making your front door less vulnerable from baseball-related accidents as well.

You can also buy systems that make the door close and lock automatically to add to your home’s security (just don’t forget your keys!)

Energy Efficiency: Worth the Investment

To keep energy costs low and the temperature inside comfortable year-round, invest some time in these projects to increase the efficiency of your entry doors.

Weatherstripping is a quick DIY project. Choose from a variety of materials to keep cold and humidity from creeping in around your front door. Adding a door sweep to the space between the bottom of your door and the floor is another solution to efficiency issues.

To speak more about spring maintenance projects, contact us here. We’re always happy to answer your questions or help solidify your plans.

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