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Front doors and entryways can set the tone for the front of the house and boost curb appeal, but few people spend time considering the impact of their patio doors. While patio doors are usually less visible to the neighborhood, they certainly have a huge impact on the feel of the home’s interior and the functionality of your outdoor space.

Patio doors are not only a gateway to your outdoor living area but also a wonderful source of natural light and a way to enjoy expansive views of the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Further, patio doors can create a focal point both for your home’s interior and for your outdoor space.

Looking to upgrade the way your indoor and outdoor living areas meet? Let’s review your choices for patio doors so you can choose the best entryway for your home’s backyard.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors, also called bypass doors or gliding doors, are commonly used in areas where a swinging door might not fit. They are usually constructed of two large panes of glass mounted in a track so that one door can slide past the other to open. These doors are sometimes installed with fixed panes on either side to create an even larger expanse of glass, opening up the room to the outdoors with an amazing amount of natural light and uninhibited views.

Many homeowners choose to upgrade their patio doors with sliding glass doors because they make the room look larger and brighter. They also love these doors because they do not alter usable space–you can put furnishings around the door without worrying about the functionality of it.

On the other hand, sliding glass doors look much more modern. Further, they usually only open to the same width as a normal door, so you won’t be able to completely open up your room to the outdoors.

French Patio Doors

French doors are typically constructed with two hinged doors side by side with the handles in the center. These doors can open into the home or outward towards your backyard, and you can choose to open only one side or both. Depending on the style of French doors you choose, you can have them as fully unobstructed glass or with decorative elements such as muntins and textured glass.

With both doors open, you will enjoy a large unobstructed opening which creates the feeling that the indoor space and outdoor space are combined. French doors are also more vintage than sliding glass doors and can give the beauty of an old home that extra boost. If you’re looking for the ability to move large furniture or objects in and out of your home as well, French doors give you a much wider opening.

On the other hand, French doors have more of a presence than sliding glass doors. If you’d like an understated style that highlights the view rather than the doors themselves, you might reconsider this style. You’ll also have to think about where you’d like to place your furnishings, as they could get in the way of your door’s movements.

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Upgrade Your Patio Doors

There are so many more factors that go into deciding on a type of patio door such as privacy, security, and light, but sliding glass doors and French doors are among the most popular styles. Once you’ve decided to upgrade your patio doors, you can choose from numerous material and decorative options to help you achieve your vision. Thankfully, Advance Inc. has years of experience installing all different styles of these patio door choices across the Delaware Valley region. Our team of consultants is available for in-home appointments and estimates. Contact us today, we are happy to help!

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