Flat Roofs

Flat and low-pitched roofs are prevalent throughout the area and they present a special set of challenges. Using top quality materials is especially important with this kind of roof because the will pond water and retain mounds of snow. What begins as a small leak can very quickly develop into a structure-threatening situation.

Mule Hide Flat Roofing

mule-hide products logoMule Hide has provided top quality roofing solutions since 1906. At Advance Roofing, Windows, Siding & Doors, we like to pair our expert installation services with Mule Hide products because we know it provides the best quality possible. Mule Hide roofing products are innovative and diverse, with quality unmatched in the industry.

Flat Roof Repair or Replacement

If you find your flat roof is damaged, don’t ignore it. Because water, snow and debris do not roll off flat roofs like they would on a pitched roof, damage can escalate quickly. This means more extensive repair or replacement services and possibly damage to the interior of your home. Pooled water that finds its way through a flat roof can do an incredible amount of damage in a very short span of time.

Flat roof covered with standing water

Flooding and standing water damage on flat roof

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