Designer Shingles

Advance Roofing, Windows, Siding & Doors offers a variety of designer shingles, which offer a more unique appearance than traditional shingles. Although these one of a kind shingles are elegant and beautiful, their durability and resistance to harsh weather protect your home and keep them looking fresh for years.

dark grey slated roofingHighland Slate

Beauty. Value. Protection.

Achieve the look, texture and tone of natural slate on your rooftop with Certainteed’s Highland Slate shingles! These designer shingles create stunning curb appeal with such a natural and clean look.

Not only will your Highland Slate shingles enhance the appearance of your home, they are backed with Certainteed’s high performance qualities such as high wind and algae resistance. Highland Slate is offered in 6 luxurious color palates, offering character and depth to match any home.

Sample of presidental shake designer shinglesPresidential Shake TL (Triple Laminate)

The WOW Effect!

One of the most sought after looks in roofing is Cedar Shake. Although beautiful to look at, Cedar Shake roofing is high maintenance and costly.

But now you can achieve that beautiful look for less! Certainteed Presidential Shake TL is a luxury shingle that mimics the look of Cedar Shake while providing the highest level of protection for your homes structure!

Sample of carriage house shingles on sloped gabled roofCarriage House

Luxury Shingle – Perfect Pitch in the Grand Style

One of the most unique looking shingle we offer is the beautifully scalloped slate Carriage House shingle. A perfect solution for steeply-pitched roofing, the Carriage House shingles are extremely durable, offering premium performance and protection for your home. Stand out from all others with this beautiful, truly one-of-a-kind scalloped slate shingles.

Handsome grand manor shingles on a sloped roofGrand Manor

Elegance Defined with Style and Grace

Create a statement with your new roofing by choosing Certainteed Grand Manor Designer shingles. This timeless shingle provides a graceful look that never goes out of style, but designed with the most up-to-date technology to ensure top notch durability to harsh weather conditions. Grand Manor Certainteed Shingles create an authentic depth and dimension to any roof that you can’t achieve using any other shingle product.

Dark brown tile roofingHatteras

Great Looks Meet Rugged Performance

Has your roof taken quite the beating, subject to tough weather conditions year after year? Invest in a new roof that will stand up to harsh conditions while still maintaining its new, vibrant look. No matter what elements are thrown at the Certainteed Hatteras roof you can be assured it will be as you left it! Designed to withstand winds as high as 110 mph it is the perfect solution for coastal homes on the East Coast. Hatteras is easy to install and long lasting, saving you time and money.


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