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Roof Replacement Services By Advance Roofing

With the arrival of warm weather in the Delaware Valley region, the spring season is a great opportunity to take on more complex home improvement projects, like roof replacement. Over time, natural weathering and environmental factors can wear down your roof, compromising the many layers that protect your home.

New roofing is one of the most expensive home improvement projects, so you’ll want to choose the materials and style carefully. In this guide, we will cover a few things that you should consider before taking on roof replacement.

Roofing Materials

Choosing roofing materials is an extremely important part of your roof replacement project. On average, an American homeowner will spend approximately $8,300 to install a new roof, with most spending between $5,400 and $11,200, according to statistics compiled by HomeAdvisor. When browsing material options, you should ask these questions:

  • How heavy is the roofing material and how might that impact labor costs?
  • What is the roof’s current load-bearing capacity? Will the structure need reinforcement?
  • What level of maintenance do the roofing materials require?
  • How well does a material perform against inclement weather conditions or damage?

These answers will help you determine the best materials for your home and ensure the finished product achieves your goals in both function and style.

Roof Replacement Costs

Multiple considerations will affect the overall cost of your new roofing project, and the aforementioned variables of materials and style will factor in. Before opting for roof replacement, you will first want to consider the current state of your existing roof. If old materials need to be removed or the structure of the roof needs repair, you can expect the cost of labor and materials to increase.

Another factor that may impact your roof replacement budget is the shape, or style, of the roof. More complex shapes that include multiple rooflines, dormers, chimneys, and other stylistic elements may cost significantly more.

Keep in mind that routine home maintenance and care is the best way to prevent premature aging and protect your roof from damage, therefore protecting your investment over time.

Roof Styles

The type and style of your roof refer to the actual shape — and there are many to choose from. Depending on your style preferences and budget, some roof shapes may be better suited for your home than others. One factor you want to consider is roof slope, which has both aesthetic and practical functions. The steeper the slope, the quicker rain and snow will run off the roof. This also means the surface of the roof will be more visible from the ground.

Common roof styles include:

  • Gable roof – A very popular style consisting of two sides rising to meet a center ridge, creating a triangular shape.
  • Hip roof – Consisting of four sides that meet to form a ridge, with surfaces visible from the ground.
  • Dutch gable roof – Offers two roof shapes: a miniature gable sitting on top of a hipped roof. Creates increased attic space and can allow space for a window to be installed.
  • Shed roof – A popular choice for modern homes, resembling a half gable and allowing for unique window placement.
  • Flat roof – Popular for mid-century modern homes and designed to create open floor plans.

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Ready for Roof Replacement?

Here at Advance Inc., we are proud to offer our community and customers roof replacement and roof repair services. We stand behind the products and materials we use, confident they will stand the test of time and provide excellent value to homeowners.

Request a free estimate through our website or contact us today to learn more about our roof replacement services. We are happy to help!

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