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Replacing Windows in the Winter

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely never considered getting your windows replaced in the wintertime, assuming it was impossible and left off important home improvement projects until the spring. There’s actually no need to wait for the warmer weather to replace your windows, and there are several good reasons to do it now instead.

Better Pricing on Windows in the Winter

The biggest factor for replacing your windows in the winter is that you can get better pricing at this time. Window replacement specialists aren’t as busy at this time because of the misconception that windows cannot be replaced in the winter, and they can afford to offer you a better deal. Saving on your window installation now can get you a better return on investment for years to come.

Windows Can Be Replaced in the Winter Without Freezing Your Home

The average home has between fourteen and sixteen windows, any or all of which may need to be replaced if the home was constructed using subpar fixtures to cut costs for the construction company that built it. Even replacing sixteen windows is possible in the winter. The reason is that everything is already prepped ahead of time when a window gets replaced—there isn’t just a hole sitting in the side of your house while the window specialists cut, measure, and prep. That gets done ahead of time before they ever remove your old windows. Even if the old windows need to be cut out of the opening, there will only be fifteen minutes when the window is out of its frame.

During these fifteen minutes, your house doesn’t have time to lose all of its heat. The warm air in your home creates a negative pressure with the cold air outside, meaning that during the time that the window space is open, warm air is pushing out and pushing the cold air away. There won’t be cold air flooding in and undoing all of the work that your heating system is doing. By keeping the door closed to the room having a window replaced, you can minimize the extra work that your heating system has to do even further.

Other Benefits of Redoing a Window in the Winter

If you choose to replace your windows in the winter when the repairs are needed, you will receive an immediate return on investment, rather than losing money all winter on a cold and drafty window. You will reduce your energy costs, and you won’t have to turn your thermostat as high to compensate for the heat loss through an inefficient or outdated window.

There are several signs to look for that will let you know that window replacement should not wait until the spring. If you can actually feel airflow coming into your home, there is a problem with either the fitting or the sealing job, and your windows should be redone. If you can see condensation between your double pane in the morning, that is another indication of a problem with the seal on the window. If you have difficulty opening or closing your windows normally, your window or its frame may have warped and should be looked at by a professional. Finally, if the windows actually leak when it rains or snows, you should not wait until spring to have your windows replaced.

The professionals who do your windows will let you know whether it is feasible to replace your windows at any time of the year. Normally, only extreme cold or severe weather conditions would prevent you from doing so during the winter. Call us today to find out how we can have you in a more comfortable home at any time of the year.

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