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Guy installing window

If you are looking to upgrade the style, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home it may be time to replace your windows. Modern window options can cut your heating and air conditioning costs, add beautiful detail to your home, and even filter out harmful sunlight that would otherwise damage your furniture, floors, and artwork. With so many advantages, window replacement is a popular choice for owners looking to increase the value of their homes or invest in their home’s live-in appeal for themselves.

Homeowners who are considering upgrading their windows have three main options to choose from: replacement, new construction, and restoration. Each category has pros and cons that you should be aware of before making a final decision.

Replacement Windows: Common for a Reason

A replacement window describes replacing the panes within an existing window frame that you wish to keep. This is the most common solution to aging windows for a reason: it’s quick, easy, and noninvasive. If you are happy with the size, shape, placement, and condition of your window frame then going for a replacement window is likely your best bet.

Replacement windows offer endless opportunities to improve the look, feel, and function of your home. Double-paned windows eliminate the need for storm windows, new trim materials are lower maintenance and hardier than classic painted wood, and a proper seal can take a big chunk out of your heating bill each winter.

When Are New Construction Windows the Better Investment?

New construction windows are window replacements that include the sill, trim, and frame. New construction windows get their name because the “bundle” of window and trim was made for homes that are newly constructed. They are not only used in brand new houses during construction, however.

If you believe your window frame may need to be completely replaced sooner than later, using new construction window replacements can turn two projects into one. They can save you time and money and protect your new windows by providing them with an updated frame with new materials and a good seal.

This is an excellent option for more intensive projects, repairs, or additions. New construction windows are an ideal investment for replacing windows with a frame in disrepair, if you are changing the size or location of the window, or if you are building an addition to your house.

Restoring Windows: What Are Your Options?

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to restore their windows instead of replacing them. Restoration can be cheaper and easier to complete as a DIY project. There are also aesthetic and historic attributes to older windows that many homeowners would like to preserve for as long as possible.

Old windows come with many problems: they may be drafty, leaking, hard to open, and hard to clean. With the right restoration project, all these issues and more can be solved and you can maintain the character of more historic homes.

When in Doubt: Get an Expert’s Opinion

There is much to consider when investigating solutions to old, failing windows. Each home is different and requires a unique approach. Start with identifying the condition of your home, your desired outcome, and your budget. With a strong vision and a realistic budget, your ideal solution is within reach.

Please let us know how we can help you find the perfect windows for your needs.

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