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During the summer, homeowners typically get the bug to start upgrading their home’s exterior. Inviting neighbors and friends over for barbecues and parties is less appealing when your home is looking stale. Thankfully, you can complete many small projects around your house to spruce it up and impress your visitors.

In this blog, we’ll give you tips to the three quickest and easiest projects to do this summer.

  1. Change Up Your Entry Door

When people are approaching your home, what is one of the first things they notice? A beautiful entryway door is sure to impress guests, but it can also turn them away if it’s not maintained. Not only will a well-maintained door make your home shine, but it will also help keep your home energy-efficient by properly sealing your climate control efforts inside.

Depending on the age and condition of your door, you could choose to do anything from repaint to replace. If your home is older, you might want to change your door for a new one to have better energy efficiency. If your home could use more natural light, you can consider a new door with a window. Further, you could choose to install windows around the door.

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  1. Add Architectural Flavor

Newer homeowners often don’t realize how different your home can look with simply a few small changes. In the case of siding accessories, a home can be transformed with some architectural accents. For example, if you have columns or a front porch, you could add brackets with your desired color and style that upgrade your home’s appearance. You could also choose to add gables to your roof. 

These small changes are easy yet powerful because they alter the look of your home’s architecture without requiring any structural changes. 

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  1. Light Up Your Outdoors

Whether or not you choose to add some architectural accents to your home, lighting it up with the strategic placement of outdoor lights can make it look fabulous. Uplighting, for example, can make your landscaping or front porch look larger than life in the evening. You could also light up your favorite architectural places, such as your front door or staircase, and benefit from the added safety of nighttime lighting. 

If you already have lights by your front door and garage, you could also change out the fixtures to alter the style. There are endless colors, materials, and styles to choose from for outdoor lights that could completely change your home’s exterior.

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