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Block party and cookout season is in full bloom. The summertime holidays are a popular time to have friends and family over to entertain in your outdoor spaces. Many times, these celebrations involve safety risks like fire, explosives, and trip hazards. 

Statistics have shown that grills cause on average 10,000 house fires every year, and there are plenty of other summer-related injuries to avoid. Here are three key things to watch out for during cookouts.

1. Grill Master, Safety Master

Everyone loves a good grill master; Burgers and hot dogs are a summertime staple. However, the grill is a dangerous area if not properly situated. Make sure the grill is at least ten feet away from your home, and regularly check to ensure the grill space is kept clean and tidy. Excessive heat from your grill can cause warping to your home’s materials like siding, and any splashing of grease could start a fire.

You’ll also want to keep in mind where you place your grill in relation to other structures, landscaping, and decks. If you have real wood decks, pergolas, or sheds, you’ll want to keep a safe distance. If your grill is on your deck, consider placing it on a protective mat to avoid spills of oil and debris on the deck or damage to the material.

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2. Keep Your Pool Fun

If your family has a pool, whether it is an in-ground pool, an above-ground pool, or an inflatable pool, there are safety tips and habits that your family should practice.  

Drownings or near drownings are in the top five most common injuries in the summer months among children, and they only require a few inches of water. Always keep an eye on your children when they are in or around a pool. 

Despite how vigilant you are, accidents still happen. The best prevention is to follow safety rules, but you can also reduce risk by installing a non-slip surface around your pool and including safety railings. A pool deck is always a good choice for reducing water accumulation around the pool and adding traction.

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3.Firework Safety 

Fireworks are a staple of any sunshine filled cookout or summer holiday in the United States, but they can only be truly enjoyed if they are done properly and safely. If you do not have a professional firework show to watch from afar, here are some tips to make sure your DIY firework show is just as fun.

Ditch faulty fireworks. If there is a firework that mis-lights or flickers out, let the spark go out and then place the faulty light in a safe space away from other fireworks and away from children. Do not light fireworks directly beside your home or close to a tree line. This measure will help avoid the potential of your home or nearby trees catching fire from a stray spark. In addition, make sure to set a perimeter for children to stay behind so they do not get burned.

Just as you would protect your home from a grill, follow similar tips for fireworks. Ensure a safe distance from the house, structures, and decks you have on your property.

Outdoor Safety Keeps Summer Fun

While the fun in the sun is just getting started, you may be adjusting your outdoor entertainment space to be more safe. You might decide to install a deck with a slip-resistant material around the pool or create a safer space for grilling.

Call your professional at Advance, Inc., to make sure your outdoor spaces are prepared for hosting your summer and holiday cookouts!

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