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With warmer weather and sunshine just around the corner, it is time to prepare your home for the Spring and Summer months. Winter weather can cause unknown and unexpected damage to home structures, roofs, and windows. This is especially true for our coastal Delaware customers, as wind chills and severe storms are more likely to cause wear and tear to your home. Read on to learn how you can prepare your home this Spring.

Identifying Wear and Tear

When snow and ice cover your home, it can be difficult to spot issues with your roof, gutters, or windows. Heavy snowfall can break down the granules on shingles that waterproof your home, weigh down gutters, and threaten the soundness of the structure. Once the snow and ice melts away, conduct an evaluation on the internal and external conditions of your roof. Refer here for more information on analyzing the health of your roof.

Cold and freezing temperatures can affect the performance and energy efficiency of your home. A break in the windows seal or a small crack can compromise your home’s ability to regulate internal temperature. Check your windows for gaping, drafts, worn sealant, or cracks to ensure their health and performance. Spring and summer are great months for larger window projects such as replacements or upgrades.

Another concern caused by winter is damage to the siding. Similar to roofing, ice and snow can break down elements of the home’s structure. This can cause water to seep into the home and if left untreated results in mold. To identify issues with your home’s siding, look for warping, gaping, cracks or chips, and signs of possible water damage. These issues may result in the need for siding replacement.

Treating Your Roof This Spring

After conducting any necessary evaluations and repairs, preparing your roof and gutters for Spring is possible through some simple cleaning. Be sure to remove any leftover debris such as branches, leaves, or animal nests from your roof and gutters. With melting snow and Spring showers, ensuring your gutters are clear of debris prevents possible water damage to your roof. Refer to this link to learn how to safely clean your gutters.

While winter can cause damage to houses, heavy snowfall and ice can also weaken trees and other structures surrounding your home. Remove broken and hanging limbs from over your roof to prevent damage. For larger projects and heavier tree branches, employ a professional or service with the necessary tools and skills to complete the job safely.

Preparing Your Siding

Enhancing and caring for your siding is necessary to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your home. Should your siding contain extensive damage from winter, replacing it may be necessary. Otherwise, sealing simple gaps and removing debris or dirt not only protects your siding but brightens the look of your home.

Before cleaning and treating your siding, be sure to use the right cleaning materials. Harsher chemicals may break down the fibers of your siding resulting in the weakening of your home’s structure. Depending on the siding of your home, using rough techniques or tools like power washers may cause more harm than good. Be sure to research your home’s siding for the correct cleaning methods and maintenance procedures.

Enhancing the Performance of Your Windows

Warmer weather in the Spring is ideal for treating your windows. Should you need replacements or want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, this is the optimal time to get the job done. Regular cleaning and maintenance are also important as changing seasons and weather can cause normal wear and tear on your windows. Give your windows a thorough cleaning inside and out to allow natural light in and brighten up your home. For simple fixes and enhancements, try lighter curtains and window hangings for a fresh look this season.

At Advance, we are happy to assist in any of your home maintenance or improvement needs. Contact us to speak to a representative. To learn more about preparing your home for Spring, refer to related posts on our blog below.

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