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spring flowers

The approaching spring season promises warmer temperatures and budding greenery along coastal Delaware and the Northeast. It will also be the ideal time for some spring cleaning and home maintenance. As weather conditions improve and you spend more time outdoors, you may discover a variety of damages sustained by your home from the previous winter season.

From simple projects, like cleaning your gutters, to more involved improvements, such as window replacement, springtime is the perfect opportunity to reinforce your home’s structural defenses and maintain their longevity.

Here are 3 essential to-dos every homeowner should have on their spring cleaning/maintenance list:

1. Inspecting Your Roof

Your roof can sustain a lot of stress during the winter from heavy snowfall and inclement weather. The increased spring sunlight can reveal damages or weak spots in your roof and gutters. During the spring roof inspection, be sure to inspect both the external layers of your roof and inside your attic for signs of water damage or infiltration.

Before inspecting your roof and taking note of areas in need of repair, clear off any debris from the roof and gutters. Heavy rainfall during the spring will need clear passage from the roof through the gutters and downspouts, preventing further damage or water infiltration.

Once the roof and gutters are cleared, take note of any missing shingles, gapping, or cracking. Repairs can be as simple as replacing individual shingles or as complex as partial or full roof replacement.

Tip: Winter may have a last gasp in March! Check out our other articles about safe snow removal and ice dam removal to help minimize roof damage from late-winter storms.

2. Reinforcing Your Windows

Between high winter winds and freezing temperatures, your windows can endure a lot of damage throughout the winter. After a fresh cleaning, you may notice cracks in the glass or a gap around the window frame. These defects allow air to flow freely in and out of your home resulting in temperature fluctuations and potentially increasing energy bills. Maintaining the structural integrity of your windows can improve your home’s ability to regulate temperatures and help keep down energy costs.

After cleaning your windows, inspect them for gapping, spacing, or cracked caulking. You may have to replace weatherstripping or apply new caulking to any weak points. If damages require help from a professional service, spring offers optimal weather conditions for safe and proper window replacement and installation.

Tip: Window screens can help cut down on energy costs in the spring and summer. Once your windows are clean and in good condition, open up for some fresh air!

3. Preparing Your Home’s Interior and Exterior

You’ll likely find that some additional interior and exterior aspects of your home require more attention when transitioning between seasons. Preparing your home for spring may also include:

  • Replacing indoor and outdoor ventilation filters
  • Maintaining your yard and garden
  • Uncovering and turning on outdoor faucets
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture and other structures
  • Checking smoke alarms

Here at Advance Inc., we are proud to offer our customers reliable resources and outstanding services. If you’re in need of roof or window replacement, contact us today to speak to a representative. Or, browse our website to learn more about our services. We are happy to help!

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