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In an earlier article, we looked at how this year’s trends were affecting the way homeowners refreshed and updated their indoor spaces. This week, we will explore the trends taking over exterior home remodeling projects. By fixing up your aging home’s exterior and revitalizing its style, you can both improve your home’s condition and its curb appeal.

Remodeling projects can get expensive and complicated, but the trends below are simple choices you can make in 2022 that will go a long way for your home.

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This year’s trend in exterior color palettes is a continuation of last year’s favorites. If you were hesitant about making the change last year, it’s not too late.

Light, neutral, and nature-based colors are still in vogue. Often paired with darker accents and roofing materials, these colors create a dramatic yet sophisticated look. Color blocking is still in the spotlight as well, so if you’re looking for some drama in your exterior design, consider taking the plunge. Try a bold charcoal color for a section of your exterior, like for an entryway or accent elements, and combine it with a complementary yet striking color for the rest of the house. 

Think colors like soft whites, various shades of gray, and light sand colors. For those with a colorful taste, you can still incorporate some colors such as grayish greens and blues. The goal is to keep a minimalist and natural look.

Vinyl siding manufacturers are watching trends closely and creating new color palettes to fit every stylish homeowner’s needs. A fresh update to your home’s siding can be quickly and easily done, and there’s a siding choice for every budget.

Natural Siding Choices

Becoming one with nature doesn’t end at the elegant, minimalist color palette approach. Homeowners are also choosing more nature-inspired materials to add texture and depth to their home’s exteriors. 

For example, many homeowners are choosing the look of wood clapboard siding for their homes. While re-siding your home in natural wood can be pricey and require extensive maintenance, vinyl siding is an excellent affordable and low-maintenance alternative. Modern vinyl siding comes in a variety of convincing faux wood finishes and tones. Composite siding also mimics the look of real wood while achieving durability and flexibility of color.

If you’re looking for something else, fiber cement siding from the James Hardie company realistically imitates natural wood in a number of styles. You can choose overlapping boards,  wood shingles, and even the board and batten look of a barn or farmhouse. No matter your vision, there are many styles available in strong, long-lasting cement siding that comes with a 30-year warranty.

Textured Roof Accents

Embracing the natural theme includes thinking about your roofing materials. If your roof is already in good shape and doesn’t need replacing, consider adding architectural shingles as an accent roof, such as over a porch or entryway. Architectural shingles are asphalt shingles built to resemble more textured and fancy roofing choices like wood shakes or tile. Choosing a dark-colored architectural shingle in the style of wood shake can create interest and boost curb appeal.

Contrasting Colors in Roofing and Gutter Systems

Those natural colors are begging to be contrasted with dark and dramatic accents such as an interesting roof or gutters. Dark slate colors, charcoal, and deep grays can complement those neutral siding colors while helping them to pop. In addition, matching the color of the front door or window trim to these accents can really tie it all together.

Gutter and downspout systems can also add visual interest when they are considered design elements. Bold matching colors or faux copper are very popular choices for gutters this year.

Here at Advance Inc., we’re excited to help homeowners embrace their true style. Advance Inc. carries full lines of all the best manufacturers in siding, roofing, and gutter systems to meet your design needs. Contact one of our representatives for a free in-home consultation.

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