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Decorating with houseplants has been a hot trend for a couple of years now, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Houseplants are a vibrant and versatile tool for brightening up your home and bringing a touch of nature indoors. Having living green plants around your house is not just for looks – they can even help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Houseplants have been around for thousands of years. Unfortunately not every home has the ideal light levels for houseplants. Thankfully, you can make simple changes to your house to bring in more light and create beautiful settings so your houseplants can thrive.

Installing or Replacing Windows to Brighten Up a Dark Room

Often, when people think of home window replacement, they think of doing all the windows at the same time. A full house replacement makes sense if it’s time for a total home upgrade, but you can also replace windows in just one room, area, or even just one window!

If there is a room in which you would like to add more houseplants, think about increasing the size of the existing windows or adding a new window in the perfect location. Consider spots where you can place a large plant or a table for your arrangements, and don’t forget to take the position of the sun into account.

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Consider Patio Doors for Maximum Light

You can open up your home to nearly floor-to-ceiling light by adding sliding patio doors and French doors. Even without a patio or deck, the addition of these doors adds necessary light and ventilation that the plants will love. French doors can even be added on the second floor with the addition of a tiny build-out that includes railings, or they can be fully screened in.

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Spoil Your Plants by Adding a Bay Window

The addition of a bay window to any room, foyer, or hallway makes for the perfect location to create your own lush oasis of houseplants. The addition of shelving creates a layered look for your plants, and you can also hang plants inside of the bay window for a jungle-like feel.

Take Advantage of Garden Box Windows

Garden box windows are little greenhouses made just for houseplants and can brighten up any room in your home. A garden box window extends from the exterior of the home and even has a little glass roof and its own ventilation.

A garden box window is a lovely addition over the kitchen sink, at the end of a hallway, or filled with plants in the bathroom.

Don’t Forget the Entryway

The foyer or entryway is a great place to decorate with houseplants. If your foyer is too dark for plants, consider adding a front door that has more glass or adding sidelights (windows on either side of a door) to brighten up the space. A transom light (a window placed above a door) can be an easy way to bring more light into your foyer as well.

To maintain privacy while still letting in light, the windows can be frosted or curtained. Make sure to check the light levels that each plant needs so that it can thrive in the right location.

Let the Light Shine In With Advance Inc.

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