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As soon as October approaches, the air is filled with excitement and anticipation for the spooky festivities of Halloween. From transforming our homes into haunted mansions to indulging in trick-or-treating, we all love to get into the spirit of the holiday. However, it’s important to be mindful of how our Halloween decorations and mischief night pranks can potentially cause problems for the exterior of our homes. 

Let’s explore some common issues and provide handy tips on how to enjoy the festivities without any haunting aftermath.

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Paint and Stain Mishaps

Mischief night pranks can be amusing but can also turn into a nightmare when they involve permanent damage to your home’s exterior. Throwing eggs, spraying paint, or using shaving cream can leave stubborn stains, damage paint, or even deteriorate siding materials. Not only do these pranks leave an unsightly mess but they can be costly to repair. 

Help prevent such problems by ensuring good outdoor lighting, installing security cameras, and talking to neighbors about keeping an eye out for any potential mischief. If you planned on pranking anyone, rethink any tricks that could lead to property damage.

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Be Mindful of Security

Excessive Halloween decorations or pranks can inadvertently attract unwanted attention to your home, increasing the risk of break-ins or property damage. Bright decor, elaborate setups, or overly elaborate pranks might prompt vandals or thieves to target your property. Be mindful of the balance between creativity and security, using discretion when deciding the level of extravagance.

There are a number of ways you can improve your home’s security during these times. Remember to stay up to date on your fall inspection, get any needed repairs done, and consider upgrading entry points like your front door. Improving security can be as simple as getting a better lock on your door.

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Avoid Harmful Decorations

While decorations are mostly fun and games, some can do permanent damage to your home’s exterior. Its possible for decorations to fall over and hit your roof, windows, or siding if not properly installed and secured. You should also avoid using harmful materials and techniques when securing decorations to your home.

Make sure you are not causing any permanent damage such as holes in your siding or cracks and scratches on your windows. 

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Call Advance Inc. for Repairs

Halloween is a time for fun, spookiness, and creative expression. By being aware of the potential problems and taking precautions, you can enjoy a hauntingly great Halloween without any lasting consequences for your home’s exterior. Choose decorations wisely, secure them properly, seek neighborly cooperation, and prioritize safety to ensure a memorable and worry-free Halloween experience.
In the case that your home suffers damage, Advance Inc has the expertise and experience to assess the damage and offer appropriate solutions. Contact us after your spooky season celebrations to get your needed repairs right away.

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