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A good porch can be the most relaxing place in your home and a means to extend your living space into nature. But maintaining an outside living space can take a toll, and the elements can limit the amount of time you get to spend in this part of your home. With the screened-in porch, you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors almost year-round, and it comes with a whole host of benefits.

Here are some tips to determine if a screened-in porch is right for your home and living needs, or if you should stick with an open porch plan.

The Benefits of a Screened in Porch

The first thing that pops into anyone’s head when they think of a screened-in porch is bugs. If your property gets a lot of mosquitos, a screened-in porch can be a great way to reduce your time spent applying bug spray. Screened-in porches are also great for protecting your homes from raccoons, skunks, and other larger pests.

A lesser-known benefit is noise reduction. If you’re on a busy street or often hear your neighbors, a screened-in porch can muffle ambient sounds and eliminate casual noise pollution.

A screened-in porch may be the solution if you’re looking to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up debris like falling branches and leaves.

A screened-in porch will also protect against the elements, extending the number of months you can spend outside. Few things are more relaxing than sitting outside in autumn with a warm drink. But to determine the feasibility of installing one, you should carefully evaluate the weather and seasonal temperatures in your area. If you’re in an area with mild winters, you might get to enjoy your screened-in porch year-round. You can also support the longevity of your porch with heaters or furnaces.

In fact, these will allow you to add in a whole host of electronic items like televisions and stereos, turning the porch into a great party or gathering space in your home.

Reasons To Keep an Open Porch

Visibility is one of the prime concerns when installing a screened-in porch. Open porches are better for stargazing or enjoying natural vistas completely obstruction-free. When considering a screened-in porch, you need to consider where the supporting structure will be; will the placement block your view of the skyline, ocean, forest, or some key aspect of your property?

An outdoor porch can also feel more welcoming and open, presenting a warmer image to guests and your community. By turning your porch into part of your house, screening it in might make it feel less inviting.

Maintenance costs are really the biggest concern for screening. If you have a large porch, you’re going to have to replace screens more regularly as they wear out or are damaged. You should also think about pets—cats love to tear through screening, and one burst of excitement from a dog is all it takes to punch a big hole.

Finally, installing screens is a big undertaking, and can result in poor configuration, sagging material, and high maintenance costs. If you’re considering a screened-in porch, you should absolutely consult with a professional beforehand.

If you’re interested in a screened-in porch or want a consultation for the best outdoor option for your home, we have the expertise to help. Contact us to begin building the perfect relaxation area for your property.

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