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Caring for your home’s exterior is extremely important when trying to maintain its structural durability and longevity. The fall season is a great time to reinforce your home’s structure by repairing damages from wear-and-tear and weatherproofing before winter. In this helpful guide, we’ll cover the most common exterior home repairs for roofs, siding, and windows. We will explain how to identify damages that can impact your home’s exterior and some cost-saving precautions you can take.

Roof Repairs

Your roof is subject to damage and wears over time in a variety of ways that can compromise your home’s structure. One common issue is additional weight to the roof, which can occur with objects such as fallen branches from a weak tree or storm, or with heavy snowfall or ice accumulation. The more unnecessary weight a roof has, the more prone it is to collapse or becoming susceptible to damaging cracks and moisture.

Pests or animals present another complication that homeowners frequently experience. Birds can build nests in your gutters and block the passage of water during a storm, which can cause water to pool and seep under your roof’s protective shield. Squirrels may chew their way into your attic and compromise your home’s insulation. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly check for small holes or openings that may lead to more expensive complications down the road.

Remember, over the years, your roof can experience all sorts of wear-and-tear from the elements. The sun, for example, can break down shingles or sealants, and rainfall can cause water damage. This is why it is so crucial to continuously maintain your roof’s structure and seals. Making small repairs over a period of time can be just as important as repairing extensive roof damage.

Siding Repairs

Your siding may experience similar damages as your roof. For example, animals and pests can also penetrate and build homes in gaps or improperly sealed seams. Or, the material of your siding, such as wood, may be more prone to elemental damage. If you live in an area with higher moisture, such as coastal Delaware, avoid using non-water-resistant siding.

To repair siding, simply replace planks or sections that are lifting or show other signs of wear. Also, caulk any edges or open spaces to reinforce your home’s seal.

Window Repairs

Windows are highly subject to weather damage, especially with temperature changes. In the winter, the cold air can cause window sealant to crack and break down. Or, extreme weather differences in and outside the home can cause windows to warp and expand. Try regularly replacing the window sealant to keep outside air from penetrating your home.

Another window issue can occur during the natural settling of your home. When this happens, the window’s frame may warp to cause gapping or spacing between the window and the wall. Be sure windows are properly installed to prevent major openings and to minimize damage.

Here at Advance, we pride ourselves on offering reliable resources and top-tier services to customers who seek home improvements. If you are looking for exterior home repairs or replacements, we are happy to help. Explore our website to browse our services or contact us to speak to a representative.

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