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Window shutters can be a functional choice – they usually help with shade, ventilation, and protection – but If there’s one major consideration that most homeowners forget, it’s how important it is to pick shutters that match the home’s architecture. A plain home can be quickly elevated by shutters that define its personality, whether that means stately and proper or breezy and beachy. 

We’ve seen all kinds of architectural choices across the northeastern U.S., especially in the tristate area. To help you find your style and upgrade your home’s curb appeal, we’ve put together this guide to picking the right window shutters for your home’s architecture and style.

Do You Want to Reinforce or Remix Your Home’s Style?

First things first: define your home’s architecture. Do you live in a Colonial, a standard Ranch, or a Cape Cod? Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in a Victorian, a Mid-century Modern, or a Craftsman. There are so many styles out there, but each one has a distinct look that can be elevated or ruined by the type of shutters you choose. 

If you plan on reinforcing the architecture of your home with perfectly matched shutters, your guesswork is done. If you’d like to put a new spin on your home’s style, be careful to define exactly the style you’re going for and what else you might need to upgrade – like trim, siding, and doors – to make the new look work well.

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Picking the Perfect Shutters

There are a few main types of shutters in terms of the function that you can choose from, all of which can be styled further to match your needs. You will need to decide how much of your windows, if at all, you’ll want to be covered by shutters since there are full-length, half-length, and double-hung types of shutters. Specific types of home architecture typically showcase different shutter types and styles as well. Keep both style and function in mind as you consider your options.

  • Louver Shutters – two vertical panels with slanted slats, one for each side of the window, that can open outward fully or at a fixed angle for light and ventilation
  • Panel Shutters – two vertical panels, one for each side of the window, which do not have slats and provide better protection against weather and impact
  • Board-and-Batten Shutters – two vertical panels built with vertical planks of wood and combined with horizontal boards called battens, which can be cut to fit the shape of the windows
  • Plantation Shutters – Louver shutters that are taller and wider, typical of southern states that use them for decoration, ventilation, and privacy on larger windows
  • Bahama/Bermuda Shutters – shutters with slatted panels that open upward and outward like awnings to provide increased ventilation without sacrificing shade or protection from weather

If you live in a colder region like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware, you’re likely familiar with panel shutters. They are the typical style for many Colonial homes, especially brick ones. Adding dark panel shutters to your home can create a beautiful contrast against brick or light siding.

Louver shutters, on the other hand, are very popular and versatile, so they can blend into many different styles. Mediterranean-style homes and ranches alike can use Louver shutters, so your main concern would be to choose a material and color. Plantation shutters, however, absolutely recall Southern charm, so would look best if your home is styled for a Southern look.

Board-and-Batten shutters can evoke both classic and rustic styles, so they look great added to farmhouses, cottages, cabins, and even Tudors. Bermuda shutters are certainly best for coastal homes that want to invite the breezy look of the beach or the tropics.

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Upgrade Your Curb Appeal with Advance Inc.

At Advance Inc., we have years of experience in bringing homeowners’ styles and architectural dreams to life with exterior upgrades. We pride ourselves in matching the perfect window shutters, trim, siding, and doors with your home’s personality and functional needs. 

Contact our professionals today for an in-home consultation for help in styling your home with new shutters!

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