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Whether you’re looking forward to warmer weather or preparing to head into winter temperatures, the state of your home’s windows makes a huge difference in your comfort, safety, and wallet. The early signs of wear and tear might not always be obvious, but leaving your windows unattended for a long time can lead to the invasion of pests and moisture as well as the waste of your HVAC’s efforts to control your interior climate. It’s time to look for the best window installation company in your area, but how do you choose who to hire?

As veterans in the home exterior upgrade business, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. To ensure your home is comfortable and protected, here are a few questions you should ask yourself as you’re shopping for window installation companies. 

Do They Have a Wide Variety of Options?

If you have never shopped for new windows before, or you’re not quite sure in which direction you’d like to go with your window upgrade, it’s great to have a wide variety of options to browse and choose from. Some smaller and less experienced companies might not yet have built up their experience and access to many brands and styles of windows. Make sure to research each window installation company’s selection of window options before you hire.

Make sure that the window replacement company you choose has a diverse selection of brands, materials, glass types, stains and paints, hardware, trim, and more. 

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Are They Knowledgeable About Energy Efficiency?

Not many homeowners think of energy efficiency when it comes to their windows, but it is extremely important to learn about how your windows contribute to sealing your climate control within the home as well as controlling the level of solar heat gain you experience. You should be able to speak freely with your window installation company about energy-efficient window options and get detailed and knowledgeable responses about each brand and type of window. 

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Are They Fully Trained, Certified, and Experienced?

Some window manufacturers provide training and certification for the correct installation of their windows. Certified window installers will have full knowledge of the brand and product lines and know how to install each window properly so that it can perform to its fullest potential. If you’re looking to install a certain brand, consider looking into companies that specifically carry the brand and advertise that they have training and certification if applicable.

Beyond brands, the best window installation company will have years of experience and a vault of testimonials from satisfied customers. 

Do They Offer Free In-Home Consultations?

While there are standards for how window installation contractors typically do business, not all companies are as customer-friendly. Some companies might even charge for consultations and quotes, so you’ll want to ask about all charges before you begin. Otherwise, you might end up paying for a consultation and quote, then realize you won’t be hiring the company for their services.

At Advance Inc., we always offer a free quote so that you can explore your options and decide on your own terms. When you’re ready, you can ask us for an in-home consultation with one of our seasoned professionals to listen to your vision and come up with the perfect window options for you. 
Contact Advance Inc. today for a free quote and to set up a window installation consultation.

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